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Laptops, Computers & Internet : About Laptop Wireless Internet Access

In order to access wireless Internet on a laptop computer, check the computer screen for an indicator stating that wireless networks are available. Connect to wireless connections that are within range with IThelp from a software developer in this free video on computers. Expert: Dave Andrews Contact: Bio: Dave Andrews is a software developer with a business and Web site selling programs and other computer services in Franklin, Tenn. Filmmaker: Tim Brown
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Computer and Internet Security

Article by Butchie Yosores

In perfect business opportunities, a computer and good functioning internet connection is the best. The needed investment isn’t that great for this kind of business. All you need is a steady internet connection and a computer. Computers become cheap because of endless supplies. No hassles of when to start your business as you can start right away and earn lots of bucks in a month, depending on the scale of your business.

You have to consider that there are other negative factors that can affect your business. One of the most important to consider is the security it has against various online threats. As we may know small type business face less threats against hackers, but they can also be vulnerable to determined infiltrators especially the internet world is slowly evolving nowadays. Present entrepreneurs that use the internet as a medium for their business are not careful enough to consider the risk done by internet threats to their business as time goes by.

Results on research done by AMI-Partners show that internet-using non-large businesses failing to comply basic security measures on their business comprise to about 50 percent of the total non-large online businesses. Some of this include inadequate anti-spyware softwares installed on their computers as well as anti-virus programs. One time Mydoom worm virus successfully infiltrated three medium-sized business using the internet. Mydoom worm virus could not infiltrate bigger internet-using companies that time. This was discovered by the Internet Security Alliance (ISA), a non-profit group that handles data security reports by users. This means that no matter how small a business is, it can still be affected by certain threats in the internet.

This marks that every internet-using business should think about giving their best in putting barriers in their computers against different online threats. Data infiltrators are using new and powerful softwares to hack even small online businesses. So it would be a waste of your resources including your computer if you don’t give a time to put security measures in your computer. You could slowly lose everything in your online business and could start again with nothing.

First thing you should consider in setting up online businesses is to put security softwares. This should be the one to keep in mind before putting up anything on your computer. Take note that its hard to recover when your just starting out. Bigger online companies recover faster or instantly because of the funds they have. Another thing is that its really hard to start when the hindrance is just around the corner. So never forget even smaller online businesses are affected by these threats right away.

A lot of software makers have came up with a solution to combat different types of these threats. Another option is to hire an Internet security service to setup a very nice security measure like firewall around the physical network of your business venture. They can install multi-level security that are hard to surpass and intercept by hackers. Hackers steal information from your computer. Putting a nice barrier or boundary can make them think twice of getting into your units.

Expand your horizons and know what protection is best for your computers. Know what is important and avoid incidents that can put you in surprise as to what happened why something bad is happening in your computers.

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Speaker: Robert W. Clark Counsel, Dept of Navy Office of General Counsel This presentation reviews the important prosecutions, precedents and legal opinions of the last year that affect internet and computer security. We will discuss the differences between legal decisions from criminal cases and civil lawsuits and what that means to the security professional. Additionally, we look at topics such as: email retention and discovery; active response; use of CFAA as non-competition methods; identity theft and notification issues; legal aspects of emerging technologies; lawsuits involving IT corporations (Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft); and of course, the NSA surveillance litigation. As always, this presentation is strongly audience driven and it quickly becomes an open forum for questions and debate. For more information visit: To download the video visit:
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Computer Keyboard

Article by Lenkeyboard

Computer keyboardFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaA key being pressed on a computer keyboard.In computing, a keyboard is a typewriter-style keyboard, which uses an arrangement of buttons or keys, to act as mechanical levers or electronic switches. Following the decline of punch cards and paper tape, interaction via teleprinter-style keyboards became the main input device for computers. acer laptop keyboardDespite the development of alternative input devices, such as the mouse, touchscreen, pen devices, character recognition and voice recognition, the keyboard remains the most commonly used and most versatile device used for direct (human) input into computers.A keyboard typically has characters engraved or printed on the keys and each press of a key typically corresponds to a single written symbol. acer laptop keyboardHowever, to produce some symbols requires pressing and holding several keys simultaneously or in sequence. While most keyboard keys produce letters, numbers or signs (characters), other keys or simultaneous key presses can produce actions or computer commands.In normal usage, apple laptop keyboard the keyboard is used to type text and numbers into a word processor, text editor or other program. In a modern computer, the interpretation of key presses is generally left to the software. A computer keyboard distinguishes each physical key from every other and reports all key presses to the controlling software. Keyboards are also used for computer gaming, either with regular keyboards or by using keyboards with special gaming features, which can expedite frequently used keystroke combinations.A keyboard is also used to give commands to the operating system of a computer, such as Windows’ Control-Alt-Delete combination, which brings up a task window or shuts down the machine. ASUS laptop keyboard Keyboards are the only way to enter commands on a command-line interface.Contents [hide] 1 History2 Keyboard types2.1 Standard2.2 Laptop-size2.3 Thumb-sized3 Non-standard layout and special-use types3.1 ChordedCompaq laptop keyboard3.2 Software3.3 Foldable3.4 Projection (as by laser)3.5 Optical keyboard technology4 Layout4.1 Alphabetic4.2 Key types4.2.1 Alphanumeric4.2.2 Modifiers4.2.3 Navigation and typing modes4.2.4 System commands4.2.5 Miscellaneous4.2.6 Multiple layouts4.2.7 Layout changing software5 IlluminationCompaq laptop keyboard6 Technology6.1 Key switches6.2 Control processor6.3 Connection types7 Alternative text-entering methods8 Other issues8.1 Keystroke logging8.2 Wireless keystroke loggingCompaq laptop keyboard8.3 Physical injury8.4 Health risks9 See also10 Notes and references11 External links[edit]History

While typewriters are the definitive ancestor of all key-based text entry devices, the computer keyboard as a device for electromechanical data entry and communication derives largely from the utility of two devices: teleprinters (or teletypes) and keypunches. It was through such devices that modern computer keyboards inherited their layouts. Dell laptop keyboardAs early as the 1870s, teleprinter-like devices were used to simultaneously type and transmit stock market text data from the keyboard across telegraph lines to stock ticker machines to be immediately copied and displayed onto ticker tape. The teleprinter, in its more contemporary form, was developed from 1903-1910 by American mechanical engineer Charles Krum and his son Howard, with early contributions by electrical engineer Frank Pearne. Fujitsu laptop keyboardEarlier models were developed separately by individuals such as Royal Earl House and Frederick G. Creed.Earlier, Herman Hollerith developed the first keypunch devices, which soon evolved to include keys for text and number entry akin to normal typewriters by the 1930s. Gateway laptop keyboardThe keyboard on the teleprinter played a strong role in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication for most of the 20th century, while the keyboard on the keypunch device played a strong role in data entry and storage for just as long. The development of the earliest computers incorporated electric typewriter keyboards: the development of the ENIAC computer incorporated a keypunch device as both the input and paper-based output device, Hp laptop keyboardwhile the BINAC computer also made use of an electromechanically-controlled typewriter for both data entry onto magnetic tape (instead of paper) and data output.From the 1940s until the late 1960s, typewriters were the main means of data entry and output for computing, Hp laptop keyboard becoming integrated into what were known as computer terminals. Because of the lack of pace of text-based terminals in comparison to the growth in data storage, processing and transmission, a general move toward video-based computer terminals was affected by the 1970s, starting with the Datapoint 3300 in 1967. Hp laptop keyboardThe keyboard remained the primary, most integrated computer peripheral well into the era of personal computing until the introduction of the mouse as a consumer device in 1984. By this time, text-exclusive user interfaces with sparse graphics gave way to comparatively-graphics-rich icons on screen. However, keyboards remain central to human-computer interaction to the present, Hp laptop keyboardeven as mobile personal computing devices such as smartphones and tablets adapt the keyboard as an optional virtual, touchscreen-based means of data entry.[edit]Keyboard types

One factor determining the size of a keyboard is the presence of duplicate keys, such as a separate numeric keyboard, for convenience. Hp laptop keyboardFurther the keyboard size depends on the extent to which a system is used where a single action is produced by a combination of subsequent or simultaneous keystrokes (with modifier keys, see below), or multiple pressing of a single key. A keyboard with few keys is called a keypad. See also text entry interface.Another factor determining the size of a keyboard is the size and spacing of the keys. Hp laptop keyboard Reduction is limited by the practical consideration that the keys must be large enough to be easily pressed by fingers. Alternatively a tool is used for pressing small keys.[edit]Standard

Computer keyboard in use for a Windows 7 Desktop ComputerStandard “full-travel” alphanumeric keyboards have keys that are on three-quarter inch centers (0.750 inches, 19.05 mm), and have a key travel of at least 0.150 inches (3.81 mm). Desktop computer keyboards, Hp laptop keyboardsuch as the 101-key US traditional keyboards or the 104-key Windows keyboards, include alphabetic characters, punctuation symbols, numbers and a variety of function keys. The internationally common 102/105 key keyboards have a smaller ‘left shift’ key and an additional key with some more symbols between that and the letter to its right (usually Z or Y). Hp laptop keyboard Also the ‘enter’ key is usually shaped differently.[1] Computer keyboards are similar to electric-typewriter keyboards but contain additional keys. Standard USB keyboards can also be connected to some non-desktop devices.[2][edit]Laptop-sizeKeyboards on laptops and notebook computers usually have a shorter travel distance for the keystroke and a reduced set of keys. They may not have a numerical keypad, and the function keys may be placed in locations that differ from their placement on a standard, full-sized keyboard. Hp laptop keyboard

The keyboards on laptops usually have a shorter travel distance and a reduced set of keys.[edit]Thumb-sizedSmaller external keyboards have been introduced for devices without a built-in keyboard, such as PDAs, and smartphones. Small keyboards are also useful where there is a limited workspace. Hp laptop keyboardA chorded keyboard allows pressing several keys simultaneously. For example, the GKOS keyboard has been designed for small wireless devices. Other two-handed alternatives more akin to a game controller, such as the AlphaGrip, are also used as a way to input data and text.IBM laptop keyboardA thumb keyboard (thumbboard) is used in some personal digital assistants such as the Palm Treo and BlackBerry and some Ultra-Mobile PCs such as the OQO.Numeric keyboards contain only numbers, mathematical symbols for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, a decimal point, and several function keys. They are often used to facilitate data entry with smaller keyboards that do not have a numeric keypad, commonly those of laptop computers. These keys are collectively known as a numeric pad, numeric keys, or a numeric keypad, and it can consist of the following types of keys: samsung laptop keyboardarithmetic operators such as +, -, *, /numeric digits 0âEUR”9cursor arrow keysnavigation keys such as Home, End, PgUp, PgDown, etc.Num Lock button, used to enable or disable the numeric padenter key.[edit]Non-standard layout and special-use types

[edit]ChordedWhile other keyboards generally associate one action with each key, sony laptop keyboard chorded keyboards associate actions with combinations of key presses. Since there are many combinations available, chorded keyboards can effectively produce more actions on a board with fewer keys. Court reporters’ stenotype machines use chorded keyboards to enable them to enter text much faster by typing a syllable with each stroke instead of one letter at a time. sony laptop keyboardThe fastest typists (as of 2007) use a stenograph, a kind of chorded keyboard used by most court reporters and closed-caption reporters. Some chorded keyboards are also made for use in situations where fewer keys are preferable, such as on devices that can be used with only one hand, Toshiba laptop keyboardand on small mobile devices that don’t have room for larger keyboards. Chorded keyboards are less desirable in many cases because it usually takes practice and memorization of the combinations to become proficient.[edit]SoftwareSoftware keyboards or on-screen keyboards often take the form of computer programs that display an image of a keyboard on the screen. Another input device such as a mouse or a touchscreen can be used to operate each virtual key to enter text. Software keyboards have become very popular in touchscreen enabled cell phones, due to the additional cost and space requirements of other types of hardware keyboards. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and some varieties of Linux include on-screen keyboards that can be controlled with the mouse. Toshiba laptop keyboard[edit]FoldableFurther information: Flexible electronics

A foldable keyboard.Foldable (also called flexible) keyboards are made of soft plastic or silicone which can be rolled or folded on itself for travel.[3] When in use, Toshiba laptop keyboardthese keyboards can conform to uneven surfaces, and are more resistant to liquids than standard keyboards. These can also be connected to portable devices and smartphones. Some models can be fully immersed in water, making them popular in hospitals and laboratories, as they can be disinfected.[edit]Projection (as by laser) TravelMate 2352LCi keyboardProjection keyboards project an image of keys, usually with a laser, onto a flat surface. The device then uses a camera or infrared sensor to “watch” where the user’s fingers move, and will count a key as being pressed when it “sees” the user’s finger touch the projected image. Projection keyboards can simulate a full size keyboard from a very small projector. Because the “keys’ are simply projected images, they cannot be felt when pressed. Users of projected keyboards often experience increased discomfort in their fingertips because of the lack of “give” when typing. A flat, non-reflective surface is also required for the keys to be projected onto. Most projection keyboards are made for use with PDAs due to their small form factor. TravelMate 2350 keyboard[edit]Optical keyboard technologyAlso known as photo-optical keyboard, light responsive keyboard, photo-electric keyboard and optical key actuation detection technology.An optical keyboard technology utilizes light emitting devices and photo sensors to optically detect actuated keys. Most commonly the emitters and sensors are located in the perimeter, mounted on a small PCB. The light is directed from side to side of the keyboard interior and it can only be blocked by the actuated keys. Most optical keyboards require at least 2 beams (most commonly vertical beam and horizontal beam) to determine the actuated key. TravelMate 2313LCi keyboard Some optical keyboards use a special key structure that blocks the light in a certain pattern, allowing only one beam per row of keys (most commonly horizontal beam).Further information: Keyboard technology[edit]Layout

[edit]AlphabeticMain article: Keyboard layout

The 104-key PC US English QWERTY keyboard layout evolved from the standard typewriter keyboard, with extra keys for computing. TravelMate 2310 keyboard

The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout arranges keys so that frequently used keys are easiest to press, which reduces muscle fatigue when typing common English. TravelMate 2300 keyboardThere are a number of different arrangements of alphabetic, numeric, and punctuation symbols on keys. These different keyboard layouts arise mainly because different people need easy access to different symbols, either because they are inputting text in different languages, or because they need a specialized layout for mathematics, accounting, computer programming, or other purposes. The United States keyboard layout is used as default in the currently most popular operating systems: Windows,[4] Mac OS X[5] and Linux.[6][7] The common QWERTY-based layout was designed in the era of the mechanical typewriters, so its ergonomics was compromised to allow for the mechanical limitations of the typewriter. TravelMate 2200 Series keyboardAs the letter-keys were attached to levers that needed to move freely, inventor Christopher Sholes developed the QWERTY layout to reduce the likelihood of jamming. With the advent of computers, lever jams are no longer an issue, but nevertheless, QWERTY layouts were adopted for electronic keyboards because they were widely usedTravelMate 2010 keyboard. Alternative layouts such as the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard are not in widespread use.The QWERTZ layout is widely used in Germany and much of Central Europe. The main difference between it and QWERTY is that Y and Z are swapped, and most special characters such as brackets are replaced by diacritical characters.Another situation takes place with âEURoenationalâEUR

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Gregory Johnson reviews the basic diagnostic steps for a Mediacom Scientific Atlanta 2100 cable modem. These instructions are also helpful for other cable and DSL modem issues.
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how to download videos to you computer from the internet

ill show you this simple way how to how to download videos to you computer from the internet

Redesigned Site Goes Live With Sleek Features

Redesigned Site Goes Live With Sleek Features

Cash Loan

Tulsa, Oklahoma (PRWEB) December 02, 2011

With the financial crisis still affecting jobs and salaries, Americans all over the country are finding themselves facing harsh economic realities. With unforeseen expenses arising from medical bills, car payments, overdraft and late fees and other debts, more and more people need help to rein in their finances. With the re-launch of the updated, consumers now have a quick and easy way to take out payday loans from the security of their own home. With a fast, short-term cash loan, consumers can pay off outstanding bills and regain financial independence.

“ is always improving on the payday loan process,” says spokesperson David Wexler. “Added security features, free educational resources, and perhaps best of all, a sleek and easy application, make getting a payday loan from easier than ever.” offers a simple, secure way to get instant pre-approval for a cash loan. Potential borrowers are directed to a short application form, which takes just a couple minutes to fill out. From there they can review and compare lenders and their terms, without any obligation or fee.

Once a lender is chosen and a contract signed, the borrower will have their money directly deposited into their bank account, usually within 24 hours. Repayment is automatic, meaning there is never any worry about checking a calendar to mail a payment. The money is simply taken right out of the selected bank account. The entire process takes just a few moments, and all that is required is access to a computer with a secure Internet connection.

Getting a fast cash loan requires no credit check. This means even those with bad credit can take advantage of these convenient loans. The amount borrowed, ranging from $ 100 to $ 1,500, is entirely up to the user too.

Of course, speed and ease are important, but with the redesign of the application process, has also added more robust security features. Using the latest in Internet security software, users can feel safe that any and all personal information will be 100 percent secure on the website.

There is no need to travel across town or spend time and gas money to get to a lender’s office. With, consumers have all the options they need right at their fingertips. In these difficult financial times, offers an easy and reliable means to pay off bills and to get out of debt.


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How to Make Your Computer and Internet Faster

This vid is going to show you how to make your Computer and Internet much Faster. Internet Code: regsvr32 actxprxy.dll Clean.bat Code: @echo off del /s /f /qc:\windows\temp\*.* rd /s /qc:\windows\temp md c:\windows\temp del /s /f /q C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch del /s /f /q %temp%\*.* rd /s /q %temp% md %temp% deltree /yc:\windows\tempor~1 deltree /yc:\windows\temp deltree /yc:\windows\tmp deltree /yc:\windows\ff*.tmp deltree /yc:\windows\history deltree /yc:\windows\cookies deltree /yc:\windows\recent deltree /yc:\windows\spool\printers del c:\WIN386.SWP cls Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!

igxglobal Announces the Opening of Their New Registered Branch, igxglobal Hong Kong Limited

igxglobal Announces the Opening of Their New Registered Branch, igxglobal Hong Kong Limited

Rocky Hill, CT (PRWEB) June 28, 2012

igxglobal has provided its clients with global support from their US and UK offices. Working with a freight forwarding company, igx has successfully shipped equipment to their clients’ datacenters throughout the world while maintaining the highest discount levels. By expanding their global capabilities with international branches, igx offers clients the ability to transact in local currency with a local provider. igx has established relationships with local distributors to offer our clients products and services that will help them meet their ongoing demands.

“The Hong Kong location is part of igxglobal’s global expansion to meet the growing demand of our clients. It is exciting to watch our global capabilities continue to grow,” Janis DiTota, Director of Worldwide Operations.

igxglobal’s decision to open a branch in Hong Kong was a result of the demand of their clients. Many global clients have datacenters in Hong Kong because of the politically stable and pro-business governance. Hong Kong is strategically located at the heart of Asia and on the southeast coast of Mainland China. It is a free port, driven by principles of free trade and free markets. igxglobal’s HK branch proves a benefit for all global clients.

The Chinese economy is one of the world’s most open and dynamic economies – growing far faster than the United States. In 2010, Hong Kong’s real economic growth rate rose to 6.8%, while the rest of the world was still recovering from the global financial turmoil. U.S. companies have a generally favorable view of Hong Kong’s business environment, including its legal system and the free flow of information, low taxation, and infrastructure. The United States enjoys substantial economic and social ties with Hong Kong. There are some 1,400 U.S. firms, including 817 regional operations (288 regional headquarters and 529 regional offices), and over 60,000 American residents in Hong Kong. According to U.S. Government statistics, U.S. exports to Hong Kong totaled $ 26.6 billion in 2010. The U.S. trade surplus with Hong Kong was the largest of any U.S. surplus in 2010, owing largely to Hong Kong imports of American aircraft and spacecraft, diamonds, telecommunications equipment, and computer processors.

igxglobal realizes the growing opportunity to do business in Japan but importantly registered igxgloabal Hong Kong to meet the needs of their customers and expand their global presence. As a trusted global security intergrator, igxglobal continues to provide value adds to their clients.

About igxglobal

igxglobal provides information technology services and solutions designed to improve the performance, infrastructure and security of our clients’ operations.

At igxglobal we are committed to helping our customers operate their networks with more security, efficiency and reliability. We pledge to understand your business model, your customers, and your expectations in order to provide you with the most viable information technology solution.

With a customer focused approach and a comprehensive life cycle model of solutions, we will be your long term partners in ensuring the performance, infrastructure and security of your information networks.

These solutions are systematically delivered in our core competencies of:

    Threat Mitigation Services.
    Security Products.
    Professional Services.
    Security Operations Services.

Whether your needs warrant pre or post intelligence, or the operation is handled by your resources or ours, igxglobal has the experience, expertise and knowledge to reduce your risk and simplify your approach in order to achieve predictability with security.

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Splashtop Remote Desktop for Windows 8 Launches in the Windows Store

Splashtop Remote Desktop for Windows 8 Launches in the Windows Store

Splashtop Remote Desktop Logo

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) August 02, 2012

Splashtop Inc., the worldwide leader in cross-device computing, today announced that Splashtop Remote Desktop for Windows 8 is now available in the Windows Store. As a consumer preview version, Splashtop Remote Desktop’s user interface is optimized for Windows 8 native gestures, including an easy to use, drag-and-drop computer favorites list and the ability to swipe to reveal hidden menus.

Now Windows 8 users can enjoy Splashtop Remote Desktop, along with more than seven million Splashtop users of mobile devices, from tablets to smartphones, who access their Windows-based PCs and Macs to remotely run applications, view and edit files, watch HD movies and play graphic-intensive games at up to 30 frames per second.

“With Splashtop Remote Desktop for Windows 8, we are continuing to deliver on our promise to be the industry leader in cross-device computing,” said Mark Lee, Splashtop CEO and co-founder. “Splashtop is excited to work with Microsoft to offer their users the best remote desktop experience for personal productivity and business applications.”

“Splashtop is a great example of reimagining an existing application as a Metro style app,” said John Richards, senior director, Windows Partners and Developers at Microsoft Corp. “It takes advantage of new features in Windows 8 and delivers an experience that works across Windows 8 devices of any form factor.”

Splashtop Remote Desktop for Windows 8 provides Windows-based PC or Mac remote access support with full audio and video over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks. In this version, accessing computers over the Internet requires using a static IP address.

Learn more about Splashtop Remote Desktop and download it from the Windows Store at Then install the free Splashtop Streamer on a PC or Mac that runs Windows 7, Vista, and XP (including Home Premium) or Windows 8 Release Preview, as well as Mac OS X 10.6+ (Snow Leopard or Lion is required for Mac users).

In addition to supporting Windows 8, Splashtop is also available for iOS and Android devices.

About Splashtop Inc.

Splashtop aspires to touch people’s lives by delivering the best-in-class remote desktop experience – bridging tablets, phones, computers and TVs. Splashtop technology empowers consumer and business users with high-performance, secure, interactive access to their favorite applications, media content and files anytime, anywhere.

Splashtop’s products are top-selling apps on Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore for Android, Nook Apps, BlackBerry App World, HP App Catalog, Lenovo App Shop and others. More than seven million people have downloaded Splashtop products from app stores, and more than 100 million devices from HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Sony, Asus, Toshiba, Intel and other partners have shipped with Splashtop.

The consumerization of IT and proliferation of mobile devices is leading to adoption of Splashtop by businesses. The Splashtop Bridging Cloud™ ensures reliable, secure and high performance connectivity across multiple devices, while offering IT, system integrators and service providers policy-driven control.

Splashtop has won the prestigious “Most Innovative Product” award from PC World, the “Best of What’s New” award from Popular Science and the ”Best of 2012 CES” award from LAPTOP Magazine. The company is headquartered in San Jose with offices in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo. For more information, visit


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CompuTime LIVE 3-28-95 part1

Before there were shows on TV about technology, There was CompuTime. Begining in 1995 Kevin Quinn produced and hosted, along with Paul Doty, a show to try to educate viewers about computers. History making. This is the advent of computers and tech, Windows 95, just comming out, the Internet in it’s infancy. Interesting and inciteful. Sorry for the video quality, don’t have the master