Three Kinds of Networking Products

Article by Vekky sun

Network is information transmission, receiving, sharing virtual platform, through which the various points, surface, body of information linked together, so as to realize the sharing of resources. It is one of the people use communication tools. As a tool, it will be more and more easy to use. There will be more and more function, the content will be more abundant.

Network will help to read the text, pictures viewing, video playback, download transfer, chat games and other software tools from the text, pictures, sound, video, etc. to bring extremely rich and beautiful to use and enjoy. Network is also a resource-sharing channel, but it is after all a tool for mankind. I believe that one day, the network will bring people extremely good even beyond the human body itself can bring feelings with the help of software tools function. Then I would like to introduce you three kinds of network products, antennas, wifi routers and modems, cables and adapters.

1. WIFI Booster Wireless Antenna for Router

A wireless router antenna is a device for transmitting and receiving radio waves over a range of radio frequencies. The greater the range of frequencies over which the antenna operates, the more broadband the antenna is said to be in its operation. Most of us must be enjoying the great benefits of wireless Internet. A wireless Internet antenna booster actually plays an important role to extend the Wi-Fi network range.

Wi-Fi has developed from synergy of wireless communication, computer networking and Internet technology. It has radically changed the way we connect and communicate. Wi-Fi signal boosters are devices that help in enhancing the signal strength and range of Wi-Fi signals.

2. WIFI Router Signal Amplifier

The wifi signal booster aids to boost the signal of network you receive at a particular point of distance. If you develop or buy wifi signal booster, you are able to assure that the signal reception is enhanced and even go higher than your targets, given that the flow in the radio frequency carrier waves gets stronger, and also you maximize your time surfing the web anywhere you might be.

Good quality and powerful Wi-Fi signal amplifiers can bring about a threefold increase in signal strength. Bidirectional signal boosters increase the strength of transmitted, as well as received signals. Check out the boosters available in the market and choose one which suits your range and signal strength requirements.

3. Wireless USB LAN Adapter

A wireless USB LAN adapter basically enables you to share files, folders, printers, other network resources and Internet access. This useful and handy device lets you tether to a network at any time if you are within its enabled range. Simply buy a USB wireless LAN adapter and plug it into your computer. It will act as both a hub for other devices and for your own device it will be receiving antenna that will get signals generated by another Wi-Fi or any such device. This is also a really successful and helpful way of resource sharing. Maximum number of users can benefit from the same network utilities and resources using wireless adapters.

The wireless lan adapter is the most pop products in the business office and especially for the laptop. It provides the convenient lan network for the people who want to surfing the internet without any troublesome with the cords. Do you wish to select a great wireless adapter for the notebook computer? It is time to enjoy a handy circle.

With the development of science and technology, the wireless network technology will become more and more mature. Interested to know more this, want to enjoy the benefits of wireless networks without hassle. If yes, then can be the best solution provider for you.

About the Author

Find more information about wireless router antenna, wifi signal booster, wireless USB LAN adapter etc on Linkdelight with fast shipping, good quality and cheap price.

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Computer Games: The Effects of It on the Children

Article by Marilyn White

These days we all are addicted towards internet and computer. They are anonymous to our lives. Starting from official tasks and other important piece of work; they even help us while enjoying ourselves. Internet without computer is like a human without brain. Why only us; the children of small ages also are addicted towards the magical world of internet. Internet makes their lives more content and their studies more interesting. They spend most of the time in front of the computer and make their own world of joy. They have groups of friends on internet and they play games, chat with them and spend their leisure hours.

There are certain advantages of online games exist:

- Online games can help the child with proper choice. There are certain games exists that will help the child to take care of its pets. The games will revolve around choosing the correct pat for the family and how to feed it and how to take care of it.

- Certain puzzles are there that will help the child with solving idea and enjoying while finding something new. The puzzles will help to develop the brain. Sometimes there are certain games exist that required two or more players. This will build the bonding and a strong friendship will pop out.

- Concentration and several other positive aspects of online games are there. Parents can play the games with their child; so they can become good friends and can enjoy at the same time.

Play along with your kids:

Computer games are one of the most interesting types of games for children these days. Boys and girls of different ages are indulged into the games and spend their pass times. There are several games available on internet. There are different games for boys available on internet and boys enjoy their games with other friends and spend their leisure time. On the other hand certain girl games also available on internet. Actually certain websites are there that feature online competitive games and players from different parts of the world plays for those online competitions.

There are certain drawbacks as well:

Certain disadvantages are also there. Reports suggest that these computer games are very much addictive and children do not concentrate on their studies as they are attracted towards those games. They live a life away from others and thus lose their social connection with friends and family. Continuous looking at the computer screen may affect their eyes too. Well, everything has its own advantage and drawbacks. We will need to minimize the drawback part. Parents can screen the online games for kids under 5 and can play along with them to make the enjoyment part maximum.

About the Author

Marilyn White has the largest collection of online games for kids under 5. The collection includes girls games, racing games, barbie games, racing games, puzzle games and much more.

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HealthOS Software to Assist 100M Americans in Pain

HealthOS Software to Assist 100M Americans in Pain

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

HealthOS Launches Software to Assist over 100M Americans Living with Daily Chronic Pain.

“Estimates suggest that 20% of adults suffer from pain globally and 10% are newly diagnosed with chronic pain each year. Nevertheless, the problem of pain has primarily been regarded as a medical problem, and has been little addressed by the field of public health.”-1

Integrating a team of physicians, data & clinical scientists and software developers, HealthOS, L.L.C., has built the ultimate information system and workflow tool for pain. PainCareOS is solving the highly problematic parts of pain management: risk management; painkiller therapy; addiction/abuse detection; behavioral health; aiding poor sleep; laboratory testing; long-term treatment planning; and data collection for government. PainCareOS is HIPAA compliant software that will assist doctors everywhere improve quality of care and optimize clinical management and revenue.

PainCareOS will also help engage patients to be more involved in their treatment – something that patients have wanted desperately. With the use of tablets in the waiting rooms, patients will answer questionnaires, track their own progress, get more connected to the treatment options, and ultimately become more engaged in their care. By increasing the quality time spent with pain patients, early results for PainCareOS have shown that staff and patient collaboration improved as had overall patient satisfaction.

“Clinicians, in private practice or in hospitals, are often missing the critical points in pain management: addressing the cause of pain; medication safety; uncovering underlying mental issues; gathering evidence to support their patients’ claims; determining risk of treatment/surgery; monitoring progress and outcomes; and helping doctors navigate a sea of sometimes unproven alternative therapies. It’s the chronic body-wide suffering that accompanies pain that can be frustrating for both the healthcare provider and the patient,” says Dr Ketan Patel, CEO of HealthOS and pain physician/educator. “There is no easy fix for the disastrous effects of chronic pain on a person and their family/community”.

One of the toughest challenges for any physician treating pain is keeping track of hundreds of pieces of information about each unique patient, addressing the hundreds / thousands of treatment options, and then having to make sense of this in the 5 minutes they typically have.

PainCareOS has been developed by pain management teams to focus on tracking this information for busy pain centers and hospitals, providing the ability to keep up with the amount of information using existing office computers, tablets or mobile devices, driven by a secure internet portal. “PainCareOS is an extremely easy to use – ‘out of the box’ – solution. Early trials of our pre-release software led to a 9 minute average reduction in time spent by patients completing waiting room paperwork,” says Chris Burgess, VP Information Technology. He adds, “Anticipated ongoing improvements will mostly be encountered inside the clinical exam room as well. Our most important advance will be understanding of the entire spectrum of a patient on a dashboard that is just not possible in the paper realm or with conventional EHR’s.”

By providing a single source for all patient, testing and clinical documentation, PainCareOS helps bring a holistic picture of the pain sufferer to the fore front and enables both clinician and patient to choose the most impactful and critical (in some cases, insurance-eligible only) treatment options.

“PainCareOS has also been developed to meet the demands of hospitals administrators who must increasingly monitor patient satisfaction ratings and mandatory federal data collection, while maintaining excellence in risk management. PainCareOS helps to take the burden off of hospital staff working with limited resources and at this level of detail,” says Andrew Bouchat, VP Business Affairs & Marketing at HealthOS.

“Population Health starts at the Point-of-Care. PainCareOS has been developed to work with or without an Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, allowing even small family practices with basic standalone computer systems connected to the internet to work with PainCareOS,” says VP Adam Davis of HealthOS. “We built our work flows around the patient, medical assistants and doctors/nurse practitioners so that our clinical decision support was validated at each detailed step of the work flow.”

“Seven in ten Americans feel that pain research and management should be one of the medical community’s top few priorities (16%) or a high priority (55%).”1

“HealthOS is hoping to take its pain management platform into a connected and population-focussed future. Our vision is to help further bridge the gap between risks and benefits of pain therapies, including ways to engage the patient at home through secure portals. HealthOS plans to consider population health data at the point-of-care so clinicians and hospital executives can see how similar patient’s responded and how making cost-effective decisions in collaboration with insurance providers and stakeholders will aid in clinical research to help advance the field of pain medicine,” says Dr Patel.

PainCareOS is being unveiled at HIMSS 15, Booth 5231, April 13-16 in Chicago.

About HealthOS, L.L.C.

HealthOS is a privately held partnership between Next Healthcare USA Technologies Inc. and Medical Information Records, LLC. (developer of AnesthesiaOS, – an award winning Anesthesia Information Management System). Headquartered at 9020 North Capital of Texas Hwy, Building 1, Suite 210, Austin, Texas 78759. HealthOS is a collaboration of North American pain physicians and information technology veterans.

You can reach us at or at 1-844-527-4993.

For media inquiries, contact Andrew Bouchat:

For a quick overview, visit our website

1-BMC Public Health 2011, 11:770 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-11-770


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Call for Papers Extended for SMPTE Australia 2015 (SMPTE15)

Call for Papers Extended for SMPTE Australia 2015 (SMPTE15)

David Wheeler, chair of the SMPTE Australia Section Conference Committee

Sydney, AU (PRWEB) February 18, 2015

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®), the worldwide leader in motion-imaging standards and education for the communications, media, entertainment, and technology industries, today announced that the SMPTE Australia Section has extended the call-for-proposals deadline for the biennial SMPTE Australia Conference & Exhibition (SMPTE15), Persistence of Vision — Defining the Future. The new deadline for proposal submissions is midnight, 1 March, via

SMPTE15, titled “Persistence of Vision — Defining the Future,” will extend from 14-17 July at the Hordern Pavilion at Moore Park in Sydney. The three-day conference and four-day exhibition will focus on linking the cutting edge of development with practical solutions for problems facing today’s media industries. As previously announced, Netflix Director of Global Content Partners Operations Chris Fetner is scheduled to deliver the keynote. Fetner will discuss the global media marketplace and the technologies shaping decision-making and growth at Netflix.

“The Australian Conference is well-respected for its technical component, and the proposals we have already received for 2015 will allow us to put together a very strong program addressing the topical concepts and issues that impact the motion-imaging industry,” said David Wheeler, chair of the SMPTE Australia Section Conference Committee. “By extending the deadline, we are providing additional time for those who have ideas that would merit inclusion in the program or who have been considering submitting but have not yet done so.”

Proposed papers for SMPTE15 must be informational and must address technical theory, research, innovation, application, or practice specific to any of the evolving technologies associated with the media technology industry. Student papers and case studies are strongly encouraged. Papers that are commercial or promotional in nature will not be considered, nor will those that already have been published. Workshop and whole-session concepts should relate to the general theme of the event and should be demonstrably relevant to the careers and professional lives of delegates.

Topics for SMPTE15 papers include 4K/8K, ultrahigh-definition television (UHDTV) and the quest for higher dynamic range (HDR) and colour gamut; postproduction; broadcast infrastructure, 3G, Internet Protocol (IP), and file-based workflows; cinematography and image acquisition; fractional frame rates; psychophysics and the human vision system; asset management, storage, and archiving; the “Internet of everything”; the second screen; alternative content; event cinema; audio/video processing and compression; content security; new techniques in audio; content distribution; display technology; advanced image processing; mobile, IP, and future distribution technologies; cinema technology; immersive sound; and restoration and preservation.

Further information, including details on submitting a paper proposal is available at More information about SMPTE is available at

# # #

About the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®)

The Oscar® and Emmy® Award-winning Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®), a professional membership association, is the preeminent leader in the advancement of the art, science, and craft of the image, sound, and metadata ecosystem, worldwide. An internationally recognized and accredited organization, SMPTE advances moving-imagery education and engineering across the communications, technology, media, and entertainment industries. Since its founding in 1916, SMPTE has published the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal and developed more than 800 standards, recommended practices, and engineering guidelines.

More than 6,000 members — motion-imaging executives, engineers, creative and technology professionals, researchers, scientists, educators, and students — who meet in Sections throughout the world sustain the Society. Through the Society’s partnership with the Hollywood Post Alliance® (HPA®), this membership is complemented by the professional community of businesses and individuals who provide the expertise, support, tools, and infrastructure for the creation and finishing of motion pictures, television programs, commercials, digital media, and other dynamic media content. Information on joining SMPTE is available at

About SMPTE Australia Section

The Australia Section was founded in 1971. Today, it is part of the SMPTE Asia Pacific Region that includes more than 750 members. SMPTE in Australia has been a leader in building ties between like-minded and guild organisations serving the media and content industry. Further information about SMPTE Australia is available at

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World Premiere of ?CHANGE: The Brain and Divinity? Held in Sedona

World Premiere of “CHANGE: The Brain and Divinity” Held in Sedona

Executive Producer Ilchi Lee at the world premiere of his latest film “CHANGE: the Brain and Divnity”

(PRWEB) October 20, 2014

Ilchi Lee’s latest film, “CHANGE: The Brain and Divinity,” was met with warm applause at a Red Carpet Event at the Sedona Creative Life Center on Thursday, October 9, 2014, where nearly 200 people gathered.

The film, which is a sequel to last year’s “CHANGE: The LifeParticle Effect,” explores the idea that the potential for human greatness lies within the human brain. Executive Producer Ilchi Lee calls that greatness divinity, and suggests that everyone has the potential to be great if they know how to use that aspect of their brain.

The event, hosted by the Sedona Meditation Center and local media company Change Your Energy, began with a buffet in the center’s courtyard and a book signing by author Rebecca Tinkle. Tinkle’s novel, “The Secret of Mago Castle,” is a spiritual adventure set in Sedona, AZ. Inspired by Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education method, the book suggests what the destiny of the human race would be if it fulfilled its highest potential.

Audience members were comprised of Sedona Meditation Center students, fans of Ilchi Lee’s works including his bestselling book “The Call of Sedona” and his first film “CHANGE: The LifeParticle Effect,” out of town visitors and members of the Sedona community.

One attendee named Lonnie, who years ago sustained a brain injury that left him with intermittent memory loss, said, “I had just seen the flyer for the film that afternoon and was intrigued. The film reminded me that I am more than my memories. I am able to heal my brain, expand and grow forward no matter what the past held for me.”

The film’s main premise is what Ilchi Lee coined the Brain Operating System or BOS, which he compared to a computer operating system. With animations and dramatic reenactments, the film described five principles on which the BOS runs, which by practicing them, can be the key to unlocking the true potential of humankind.

These concepts were reinforced by real-world examples of people applying the principles of BOS, both in the United States and in Lee’s native South Korea. Spiritual and brain education thought leaders weighed in on what BOS could mean for the future of humanity and the planet.

After the film, Ilchi Lee gave a talk about his personal journey from Korea to Sedona via Los Angeles and the early struggles with school studies that inspired him to seek a better way to educate the whole person—body, mind and soul.

Rebecca Tinkle concluded the evening with a reading of a passage from her novel, reinforcing the film’s message of hope for humanity’s ability to awaken to their divine consciousness in the present era.

About is a wellness lifestyle resource based on energy philosophy and the teachings of Ilchi Lee, a meditation and brain education leader. offers accessible, around the clock guidance, inspiration and practical online training to enable people to realize and activate their full human potential. The site offers lifestyle tips, health and wellness articles, exclusive seminars and personal development coaching.

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StarMobile Names Jeff Newlin Executive Vice President, Sales

StarMobile Names Jeff Newlin Executive Vice President, Sales

StarMobile Names Jeff Newlin Executive Vice President, Sales

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 07, 2015

StarMobile®, Inc., the leading codeless, cloud-based solution that delivers enterprise mobility faster, simpler and at a lower cost than any other solution on the planet, has announced that Jeff Newlin has been named Executive Vice President of Sales and a member of the executive team.

“StarMobile is on a mission to be the platform of choice to deliver any application to any endpoint, transcending smartphone, tablet, PC and watch, including net new, mobile first apps,” said StarMobile President and CEO, Todd Fryburger. “Jeff’s track record of building sales teams, combined with his technology industry experience, is second to none, and I am extremely excited that a proven executive of his caliber will play a key role in accelerating our market growth.”

Newlin brings more than 25 years of sales and operational leadership experience specializing in building and leading high performance global teams at established and emerging technology companies. He joins StarMobile from OutSystems, where he was responsible for directing OutSystems operations in the Americas. Prior to OutSystems, Newlin served as Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Chief Revenue Officer at Silverpop who was acquired by IBM in 2014. During his 10-years at the company he was an instrumental leader who built teams, consistently grew revenue, and established a global customer base taking Silverpop from a startup to a cloud-based, marketing automation industry-leader. He has also held key positions at Cybrant (acquired by Blue Martini, now Escalate), TenFold Corporation, Texas Instruments (acquired by Sterling Software), and KnowledgeWare (acquired by Sterling Software). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Technology from Purdue University, and resides with his family in Atlanta, Georgia.

“StarMobile has a fantastic product and an extraordinary opportunity to dramatically shift how enterprises mobilize applications”, said Newlin. “Our patented technology enables a truly game changing approach that blends speed, simplicity, and economy in a way that’s unmatched by any other solution available today. I could not be more excited to join such an awesome team amid the vibrant Atlanta technology and mobility community.”

StarMobile was recently named a “Cool Vendor in Mobile App Development, 2015” by Gartner.

For more information visit or follow us on twitter @StarMobileInc.

About StarMobile

StarMobile is a codeless, cloud-based solution that delivers enterprise mobility faster, simpler and at a lower cost than any other approach. Companies use StarMobile to dynamically transform any packaged on-premises or cloud-based application, or custom-built system, into a mobile app. StarMobile requires no changes to existing applications, no coding, no need for exotic skills or learning a new platform, no professional services, no re-building, simple configuration, low maintenance, no re-licensing, no app-specific downloads, with infinite scalability, end to end security, centralized mobile app management and provisioning, and detailed usage statistics, for any application, any use case, any mobile device, on any public, private or enterprise cloud platform.

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Local Boston Author Releases Debut Book; ?Ruins of the Mind?

Local Boston Author Releases Debut Book; “Ruins of the Mind”

Swampscott, MA (PRWEB) April 24, 2012

Author J.P. Stadtlander ( announced today the official launch of his debut book “Ruins of the Mind” on May 15th, 2012. The book, an anthology of short stories, focuses on science fiction, unusual circumstances and touches on the possibilities of what might be right under our nose.

An elderly home in north-eastern, Ohio has hired a handyman that has an unusual effect on those around him. At the same time he is hired, strange things seem to affect the residents of this quiet retirement home. Justice is served for those who are uncaring or unkind, yet rewarded to those who are compassionate and kind to others. Discover an elderly home like no other in “The Lantern”

A species which has existed with us for tens of thousands of years is about to make itself known to us. However, the knowledge of its existence is not the unusual part of this story, the reason for their coming into communication with us could spell certain doom for our entire way of life. Learn how in “The Ter’roc”.

J.P. taps into his psyche as well as that of the reader. He enjoys exploring the implausible, yet still finding a way to make it possible. “I have always loved the possibility of ‘what-if’ and enjoy trying to put myself in other people’s shoes and learning to discover how they might think and act if really put into the situations.”, states J.P. Stadtlander

The book also contains a story that puts the reader in the shoes of a character who is on one of the flights that collides with the World Trade Center and recounts what the people on the aircraft also went through in real time prior to the act. Experience it yourself in “Feathers in the Wind”.

“Ruins of the Mind” will be available in paperback on Amazon and at independent bookstores nationwide as well as Kindle and eBook on May 15th, 2012.

About J.P. Stadtlander

Born and raised in Ohio, J.P. has been writing for fifteen years and finds inspiration through such authors as Dean Koontz and Stephen King. He has been working in Information Technology since 1995 and performs lectures to parents on child computer and internet safety. He currently lives in northern Massachusetts with his family.


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Scytl Online Voting Helps Iceland Successfully Run Fully Online Referendums

Scytl Online Voting Helps Iceland Successfully Run Fully Online Referendums

Scytl Online Voting in Iceland

Barcelona & Reykjavik (PRWEB UK) 12 May 2015

Scytl, the worldwide leader in secure online voting and election modernization, announces the successful deployment of the first ever fully online residents referendum in Iceland. This first online referendum took place in the municipality of Ölfus with a participation rate of 43% of the municipality´s residents (age 16+), a clear demonstration of the possibility to leverage the online channel for more participatory, agile and secure referendums.

The online citizen referendum held in the municipality of Ölfus is the first of the future online referendums that will take place across selected municipalities in Iceland. As part of the country´s strategic initiative to create a more agile and participatory electoral process, Þjóðskrá Íslands (Registers Iceland) – the office under the Ministry of the Interior which among other things maintains the national register and authentication service for all citizens which was used in the election – began an online citizen referendum program aimed at streamlining the path to online voting in the country.

“The execution of the election in Ölfus was very successful and the participation was good. We are looking forward to working with Scytl on the second pilot election in a bigger municipality,” said Margrét Hauksdóttir Director General of Registers Iceland.

In general, the participation percentage increased in the older age groups, with the participation of men over 75 surpassing the 63% participation rate. Gunnsteinn Ómarsson, Mayor of Ölfus comments, “We were a bit worried about how the older people would feel about eVoting, but it turned out they were quite ready for it! This is an excellent way to consult the population quickly and efficiently.”

As ongoing experiences and reports around the globe indicate, the leverage of secure online channels has a positive influence in increasing citizen engagement. The recently published report “Effects of the Internet on Participation: Study of a Public Policy Referendum in Brazil” documents an 8.2% increase in total turn-out with the introduction of online voting.

The online referendum implemented by Iceland provides the highest security levels available today and ensures voter privacy, strong voter authentication, the integrity of the referendum results and voter verifiability and auditability. All while providing user-friendly and accessible voting for its citizens. In the case of the Ölfus municipality:

The citizens online referendum took place between March 17 – 26, 2015.
The voting centered on whether Ölfus should enter negotiations with other municipalities for a possible merger and on a date for a popular festival in Ölfus.
Citizen participation rate surpassed the 43% mark.
For citizens with no access to the internet, the municipality provided access to computers with internet connection and help as needed at the Municipal Library.

“Scytl is extremely proud of the opportunity to continue to support the enablement of a modern and secure electoral process in Iceland with our experience and state-of-the art online voting technology. Being selected by Iceland to support these initiatives as a flagship in global electoral processes once again reinforces our focus on increasing and improving participatory democracy, citizen empowerment and public transparency via innovative online technology,” concludes Pere Valles, CEO of Scytl.

About Scytl

Scytl is the global leader in secure election management, electronic voting and eGovernance solutions. Specializing in election modernization technologies, Scytl offers the first end-to-end election management and voting platform, providing the highest security and transparency standards currently available. Scytl has capitalized on its more than 18 years of research to develop election-specific cryptographic security technology protected by more than 40 international patents and patent applications, positioning Scytl as the company with the largest patent portfolio of the industry.

Scytl’s solutions have been successfully used in over 38 countries across the globe over the last 10 years, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, France, Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the UAE, India, Iceland and Australia. Scytl is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, with strategic offices in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru and Greece, as well as field offices in the UK, Ukraine, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Australia. For more information, visit

Media Contacts

Leticia Barcia – Senior Director Marketing Communications, Scytl

+34 934 230 324


Vocus©Copyright 1997-

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Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC. Offers Salvadorans Worldwide $2 Bonus Credit for Their International Calls on Mother’s Day Offers Salvadorans Worldwide $ 2 Bonus Credit for Their International Calls on Mother’s Day

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) May 09, 2015 launches a most awaited promotion for all Salvadoran expats in the USA and other parts of the world in order to facilitate calls on Mother’s Day. Salvadorans worldwide are invited to use coupon SMILE on between May 7-9 in order to claim their calling credit Bonus worth of $ 2 free calling credit.

The Bonus applies immediately if the coupon SMILE is used when placing a Voice Credit order of $ 15 minimum between May 7-9. The offers addresses anyone holding a free account on

The Bonus can be used for international calls to El Salvador or any other international destinations on

The regular calling rates on calls to El Salvador are the following:

-10.9 ¢/min when calling Claro landlines

-16.9 ¢/min on calls to all mobiles

-16.9 ¢/min on calls to the rest of the landlines

For example, the $ 2 Bonus brings 11 free minutes to mobiles in El Salvador, 33 SMS or 11 minutes to landlines. But, of course, the balance can be used to call mobiles and landlines, as well as send SMS. There is no restriction.

There are 3 ways to call El Salvador with

-KeepCalling app for international calls and SMS (it costs nothing to install on iPhone, iPad and any Android device)

-Local or toll free access numbers for calls from any phone (landline, mobile, pay phone) to any phone; no Internet connection needed

-Web Call app for desktop-to-phone calls and SMS (no download needed, no extra costs besides the Voice Credit balance)

Besides the $ 2 Bonus on Voice Credit, everyone will also get Thank You points for free calls from There is a special section in the online account where this information can be checked. suggests also that mobile top ups for mothers living in El Salvador make perfect gifts on Mother’s Day. Top ups of phones in El Salvador are available at . For top ups to Tigo mobiles, adds 60 minutes for calls to the United States, while for Claro mobile refills 500% extra credit is added for calls to Canada and the USA, as well as Claro-to-Calro calls. The other networks available for international top ups are: Movistar and Digicel.

Why thousands of hundreds of customers use

-No costs to create an account

-Balance never expires

-KeepCalling app for international calls

-High privacy protection (TRUSTe label)

-100% security of transactions

-Transparency of service and no hidden fees (BBB accredited)

-100% Customer Satisfaction and 24/7 honest and friendly Support (BBB label)

-Invoices and activity log available at any time in the online account

-Mobile friendly website

-Easy to use service

About is an interactive website designed by KeepCalling, a global telecommunications company registered in 2002 in USA. Presently, KeepCalling provides its services to hundreds of thousands of consumers and businesses, with a focus on customer satisfaction. KeepCalling has been listed by Inc 5000 in top 20 telecom companies in the USA for the last 4 years. In 2014 the company was designated the 18th fastest growing company in the telecommunications industry in USA with a revenue increase of over 600% from 2010 to 2013.

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New Data for Contract Management Software Procurement Category Market Research Report from IBISWorld

New Data for Contract Management Software Procurement Category Market Research Report from IBISWorld

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 07, 2015

Contract management software has a buyer power score of 4.2 out of 5. This score indicates that buyers are in a favorable position to negotiate price discounts or package deals from providers. Prices for contract management software have been stable during the past three years, and they are anticipated to remain stable in the three years to 2017. “Due to growing business activity and an increasing utilization of software for business processes, demand for contract management software has grown steadily,” according to IBISWorld business research analyst Dale Schmidt. Despite higher demand, competition and the rising prevalence of cloud computing technology in the market have moderated price increases. Competition has increased as more providers have entered the market, putting pressure on providers to lower prices. California is home to Silicon Valley, a highly concentrated area of technology companies and many of the top computer science universities in the world. As a result, many contract management software providers, such as SAP, IBM and Sciquest, have their headquarters in California. The use of cloud computing technology, meanwhile, has lowered the cost of delivery, and suppliers have passed on these cost savings to buyers in the form of lower prices.

Buyers also benefit from low market risk. Contract management software providers are not dependent on any critical inputs that may interrupt the supply chain or create significant price fluctuations. As a result, buyers can expect reliable and steady access to contract management software to manage their contracts. Also, most providers have seen healthy revenue growth in the past three years, although buyers should be aware that smaller providers might not be as financially stable as larger and more established software publishers.

Buyers also benefit from the high availability of substitutes. “Buyers can use document management software or manual, paper-based systems to manage their contracts instead of this market’s software. In addition, buyers can seek price discounts by comparing prices for these substitutes with the price of contract management software. Furthermore, market share concentration and product specialization are low, which benefits buyers because it indicates that there are a large number of providers that can provide contract management software,” Schmidt says. That said, switching costs are medium, creating some risk that buyers may be locked in with their provider. As such, buyers should take their time to evaluate and select the right supplier. For more information, visit IBISWorld’s Contract Management Software procurement category market research report page.

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This report is intended to assist buyers of contract management software. This software is used to author, store, organize and analyze a buyer’s various contracts to help them structure better deals, remove revenue recognition delays, consolidate contract value, avoid contract penalties and more. This report excludes procurement software and other sourcing software. Contract management software may also be referred to as contract life cycle management software.

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