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World Premiere of ?CHANGE: The Brain and Divinity? Held in Sedona

World Premiere of “CHANGE: The Brain and Divinity” Held in Sedona

Executive Producer Ilchi Lee at the world premiere of his latest film “CHANGE: the Brain and Divnity”

(PRWEB) October 20, 2014

Ilchi Lee’s latest film, “CHANGE: The Brain and Divinity,” was met with warm applause at a Red Carpet Event at the Sedona Creative Life Center on Thursday, October 9, 2014, where nearly 200 people gathered.

The film, which is a sequel to last year’s “CHANGE: The LifeParticle Effect,” explores the idea that the potential for human greatness lies within the human brain. Executive Producer Ilchi Lee calls that greatness divinity, and suggests that everyone has the potential to be great if they know how to use that aspect of their brain.

The event, hosted by the Sedona Meditation Center and local media company Change Your Energy, began with a buffet in the center’s courtyard and a book signing by author Rebecca Tinkle. Tinkle’s novel, “The Secret of Mago Castle,” is a spiritual adventure set in Sedona, AZ. Inspired by Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education method, the book suggests what the destiny of the human race would be if it fulfilled its highest potential.

Audience members were comprised of Sedona Meditation Center students, fans of Ilchi Lee’s works including his bestselling book “The Call of Sedona” and his first film “CHANGE: The LifeParticle Effect,” out of town visitors and members of the Sedona community.

One attendee named Lonnie, who years ago sustained a brain injury that left him with intermittent memory loss, said, “I had just seen the flyer for the film that afternoon and was intrigued. The film reminded me that I am more than my memories. I am able to heal my brain, expand and grow forward no matter what the past held for me.”

The film’s main premise is what Ilchi Lee coined the Brain Operating System or BOS, which he compared to a computer operating system. With animations and dramatic reenactments, the film described five principles on which the BOS runs, which by practicing them, can be the key to unlocking the true potential of humankind.

These concepts were reinforced by real-world examples of people applying the principles of BOS, both in the United States and in Lee’s native South Korea. Spiritual and brain education thought leaders weighed in on what BOS could mean for the future of humanity and the planet.

After the film, Ilchi Lee gave a talk about his personal journey from Korea to Sedona via Los Angeles and the early struggles with school studies that inspired him to seek a better way to educate the whole person—body, mind and soul.

Rebecca Tinkle concluded the evening with a reading of a passage from her novel, reinforcing the film’s message of hope for humanity’s ability to awaken to their divine consciousness in the present era.

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InfiniteSkills | Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial Video | Master The Art Of Professional Video Editing

InfiniteSkills | Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial Video | Master The Art Of Professional Video Editing

(PRWEB) August 26, 2012

InfiniteSkills Inc., a software training firm focused on providing introductory training for a wide variety of programs, this week introduced Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial, a trainer for the latest version in Adobe’s popular line of video editing software.

The CS6 version of Premiere Pro marks one of the most significant upgrades in the products history. It comes packed with new features that make it a viable choice for both home movies and professional video editors.

InfiniteSkills’ Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Training – DVD covers all these important new features and much more.

Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Training – Tutorial

According to course author Jeff Sengstack, “With Adobe Premiere CS6, anyone can learn to make professional quality videos, whether its for use in the home or for professional production.”

Sengstack is a college instructor in computer science, the author of several Premiere Pro books, and an expert in the Adobe Creative Suite line of software. In addition, he has authored books and training video on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Encore.

Sengstack guides users through all the key new features of Premiere Pro CS6, explaining new capabilities such as the Warp Stabilizer, which smooths shaky footage, and the adjustment layer tool, which applies more effects with less demand on the computer processor. Other updates include a new titling feature which allows users to apply professional quality graphics to their movies.

InfiniteSkills’ Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Video Training – DVD not only covers all the new capabilities of Adobe’s video editor, it also brings new users up to speed with the video editing workflow, exploring core Premiere tools such as importing and managing video assets, video editing techniques, color correction, and special effects.

Sengstack draws on his extensive experience to offer users a practical perspective of the realities of a video editing workflow. He offers insights on fundamental editing techniques, strategies for color correction, and goes in-depth with how to animate video effects.

Free demo videos and a full list of course contents can be found on the Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Mobile training page of the InfiniteSkills website:

“Premiere Pro CS6 is a powerful, feature-rich, professional video editor,” Sengstack says. “In Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, I’ll provide all the tools users need to create excellent videos!”

InfiniteSkills offers its Learning Premiere Pro CS6 Training Video either as a DVD or a direct download from the company website at a retail price of $ 99.95. All InfiniteSkills titles and formats are compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Shipping is available around the globe. Additionally, InfiniteSkills tutorials are supported by project files which correspond to examples in the videos, allowing users to work alongside experienced instructors right on their computer or iPad.

About InfiniteSkills Inc.

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