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How to Pre-Install Office 2013 on new computers via the OEM Office OPK.

Quick overview of how an OEM can download the OEM Office OPK – OEM Pre-Installation Kit and install Office bits onto systems before they ship to a customer. …
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Laguna Tools Announces the New SmartShop 3 CNC Machining Center

Laguna Tools Announces the New SmartShop 3 CNC Machining Center

Irvine, California (PRWEB) August 15, 2014

Laguna Tools has recently announced the introduction of the NEW SmartShop 3 CNC Machining Center, developed to introduce an advanced technological platform for the next generation of Laguna CNC Machinery.

The machine features a new computer-designed frame that includes an all-welded structural steel base to ensure the accuracies and cut qualities that have remained key characteristics of the SmartShop CNC product line. Additionally, the new SmartShop’s structural steel gantry is internally reinforced, permitting the use of a variety of machining package options. Finally, a gantry-mounted carousel tool changer was added to reduce tool change times; an especially relevant feature on large table format machines.

The fluid movement of the Laguna SmartShop 3 CNC can be contributed to the precise machining of frame components, precision-ground contour guide rails in all axes, and top-notch “closed-loop” servos and drives by the innovative OSAI Open machine controller.

Movements on both X and Y axes are achieved with world-class helical rack-and-pinions driven by precision planetary drive systems. Z-axis motion is controlled by a precision-ground ball screw and the precision planetary drive system. Another benefit of using a planetary drive system is that it permits Laguna Engineering to mount the guide rails lower on the side of the base frames. This results in the tables easier for the machine operator to load and unload.

Included as a standard feature on the new SmartShop 3 models is a Laguna Tools designed “pod-ready” vacuum table, which combines with six vacuum zones, providing unbeatable fixturing possibilities. Part locator pins and extra -large vacuum ports have been included specifically for panel processing needs.

Another new innovation for the Laguna SmartShop 3 is the inclusion of the new OSAI Open machine control system. It includes a touch screen PC to provide a user-friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface). This also allows the machine to be connected to the local area network (LAN), making file transfers a breeze, while maintaining the reliability of a leading industrial CNC machine controller.

“I gave Laguna Engineering a challenge to develop the next generation SmartShop CNC,” said Torben Helshoj, President of Laguna Tools. “The design requirements were quite simple. It had to build on the tremendous success the SmartShop CNCs have enjoyed. It had to be a platform that would allow us to expand the CNC product line in a variety of directions (into the foreseeable future). It had to have the best vacuum table in the industry. It had to have a “full-feature” machine controller that was still easy-to-learn and easy-to-use and that could handle multi-axis applications. And, it had to be affordable. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of this project, the Laguna SmartShop 3! It truly expresses our company spirit, ‘Thriving on Innovation.’ I think the future is very bright for this product.”

The Laguna SmartShop 3 is available in a variety of standard table sizes including 4 x 4, 4 x 8, 5 x 10, and 5 x 12. Custom table sizes and machining packages can also accommodate special application needs.


Laguna Tools is a global leader in affordable CNC technology for the wood, plastic, non-ferrous, and aerospace industries. The privately owned company is based in Irvine, CA, and has a near-31-year history of product innovation. The company prides itself in sourcing the very finest machine components worldwide to ensure that Laguna Tool products offer performance second-to-none.

Laguna Tools products are sold worldwide both direct to the consumer as well as through a network of authorized Laguna Tools dealers.

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Computer Solutions Unlimited Partners with OS33 to Deliver Unified Cloud IT to South Florida Area Businesses

Computer Solutions Unlimited Partners with OS33 to Deliver Unified Cloud IT to South Florida Area Businesses


New York, NY (PRWEB) March 11, 2014

Computer Solutions Unlimited, a provider of IT solutions in West Palm Beach, FL, today announced it has been named a Certified Delivery Partner of OS33, the leading unified cloud computing IT platform, to deliver cloud desktops and hosted IT services to West Palm Beach and South Florida area businesses.

The new Computer Solutions Unlimited service, powered by OS33, adds the capability to rapidly deliver cloud-desktops, servers, applications and storage as an integrated IT platform, meeting the demand for businesses looking to reduce costs, improve performance, and maximize productivity via the cloud. With the OS33 Cloud Desktop, business users can easily access all their apps, data and IT from multiple devices including mobile phones and tablets, providing the workforce with a consistent and secure experience 24x7x365. Some additional unique features of the OS33 Cloud Desktop include built in self-help, self-service and Single Sign-on (SSO) access to more than 3,000 top web applications.

“We are enthusiastic about our decision to partner with OS33 as our sole cloud solution provider, and intend to transition all of our clients to their platform,” says Stephen Kuska, CSU President. “The OS33 solution allows our international clients to work overseas as easily as they do here in the states. Not only does their Webtop solution provide a superior integration platform, their aggressive development team seems to integrate anticipated solutions well before others in the market place. With OS33, we are no longer one out of many choices; we are THE best solution in the marketplace.”

Through the OS33 platform, Computer Solutions Unlimited will help enable companies realize the true benefits of unified cloud – reduced complexity of deployments, improved security and management, and greater employee productivity, while eliminating the need for companies to make constant investments in server and network infrastructure. Computer Solutions Unlimited has achieved “Certified Delivery Partner” status with OS33, a certification awarded to limited number of partners who have achieved proficiency with the OS33 platform, showing expertise in deployment and IT support. This certification showcases demonstrated leadership in the delivery of cloud services, leading to better service for the end-user business.

“Computer Solutions Unlimited has been a key partner in South Florida with their client-first approach to cloud solutions,” says Jacob Kazakevich, OS33 President. “CSU consistently demonstrates its leadership in cloud by leveraging OS33’s unified platform to solve the challenges their clients face in a traditional IT support structure, rather than try to force a one-off product or service. This allows them to focus on the solution, rather than the sale, and has been instrumental in their success.”

About Computer Solutions Unlimited

Computer Solutions Unlimited has been providing IT consulting and services for businesses since 1986. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, we strive to provide our clients enterprise-level services and solutions at prices that work for their business. Time and experience has helped us develop best practices and procedures designed to help our clients focus on their business, not their technology.

We have been able to form lasting partnerships with our customers as a result of their trust and respect of the technology solutions we recommend and our rapid and professional response to their needs. We continually research new technology trends and collaborate with our customers so we can always meet or exceed their expectations and requirements.

CSU was an early adopter of cloud solutions and has been delivering cloud-based solutions for almost 5 years to local, national, and international clients. For more information, visit

About OS33

OS33, the leading unified cloud computing IT solution for delivering cloud desktops, applications and infrastructure all from a single solution, has been tested and proven by thousands of end users across four continents. With OS33, companies can rapidly provision users, companies and entire cloud-based IT networks, easily accessible from any web-enabled device. OS33 is based in New York City. For more information visit

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Vizio’s New Computers: Rivaling Apple’s Sleek Designs?

Is the world finally getting a PC with as much design beauty as Apple, but without the hefty price tag? Vizio, best known in the gadget world for making tele…
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What They Don’t Tell You When You Buy a New Computer (PC or Mac)

Article by Metro Computer

Computer retail stores are everywhere these days. From back alleys to the nicest malls of America, you can find someone who will sell you a new Mac or PC with all the bells and whistles. And don’t forget you’ll be offered an extended warranty, which sounds good but almost never covers the things that actually go wrong. So, what do you need to know about the pitfalls that come from not maintaining your new technology investment?

By now, we have all experienced crashed hard drives, pc viruses, broken LCD screens and possibly my favorite “Can you fix my MacBook Pro? I spilled Bubble Tea on it last night.” As most of you know, your new computer warranty with extended care usually does not cover anything remotely associated with physical damage.

But what is physical damage. You may think that you did nothing wrong when your MacBook will only give you the missing folder sign or your PC laptop keeps shutting down for no reason. Then there is the giant dark spot on your Sony Vaio screen that is getting bigger by the minute. Well you’re not alone. Let’s keep it simple with three really good ideas to help you get the most out of your computer.

Let’s start with the hard drive and all your songs and photos that you keep meaning to back up. Today’s hard drives race at speeds of 7200rpm to keep you from waiting on files to open. The downside to technological progress is their increased fragility. When you bump or heaven forbid drop your computer while it’s booting up, opening files or shutting down, the hard drive can be permanently damaged and in some cases the data may be lost. Moving and guarding your laptop form jolts will help you get a normal life of three years from your hard drive. But wait, there is more they didn’t tell you.

Your new computer also requires maintenance. The store you bought your computer in usually doesn’t mention that your new laptop, iMac, or tower needs to be physically cleaned out at least once a year or more regardless of the environment around it. The major component of your computer is the logic board in a Mac or a motherboard in a PC. As the fans become clogged over time from dust and atmospheric dirt, excess heat damages this integral part. For an older computer the logic board / motherboard replacement can become cost prohibitive. The hard drive can also receive damage from the same overheating. To prevent these issues Metro Computer recommends a thorough cleaning involving removal of the outer shell on a desktop or the top case (keyboard cover) on a laptop and using a vacuum to remove all of the dust and debris. Then the technician will reapply thermal grease to help remove the heat that builds inside the system during normal operations. At Metro Computer we also check the hard drive for errors and make sure the RAM is functioning properly as part of a thorough checkup. Laptop owners need to be aware that using their laptop on a sofa, bed or “lap” can cause the dust to buildup inside at a much faster rate than on a solid surface thus requiring more frequent cleaning.

Lastly, the LCD / LED screen gets more fragile with each new generation of technology. When handling the screen of your laptop, it’s important to open and close the computer lid or “clamshell” as some call it with both hands. The newer screens are high definition, brighter, and also thinner. Squeezing the screen between your fingers to pick up the computer or opening and closing the lid from one corner only may crack the screen or damage the bezel supporting the screen. Keep an eye on the hinges as well as they sometimes will become too loose or tight causing additional damage to the screen assembly.Hopefully these tips will enable you to keep your new computer healthy for at least 3-5 years and remember when you do have issues with your computer, get multiple opinions. Retailers will always suggest you should get a new computer. Don’t be fooled as some repairs add years to the life of your computer saving you money.

About the Author

Metro Computers was founded out of a vision, a need for a neighborhood computer repair shop. Metro Computer is a PC and Mac repair shop with two locations in Atlanta. They specialize in broken LCD screens, hard drive replacements, liquid damage repair, and RAM upgrades but can handle all computer hardware repairs. Jake and Tom have realized after two years that in these times, it makes much more sense to repair your computers than replace them every two years. With shops located in Buckhead and Midtown, they are conveniently located and want to be your neighborhood computer repair store.