Computer Cell Phone Internet Connection

Remote Access Methods, Standards, and Protocols

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VoIP systems can deliver telephone service to common analog telephones, to PBX- or key technique-connected multi-featured phones, or to softphones built into acomputer with software program. Softphones are software programs that display phonefeatures (hold button, caller ID, message waiting) on the laptop or computer screen and route the calls via a handset or an earphone and microphone wired to the computer. In addition to enabling VoIP phone capability with a minimum of new equipment (softphone programs work with normal PC peripheral audio components),softphones can also offer remote phone access. If the computer is a wireless laptop, then the softphone method goes with it anywhere within the range of wireless reception. For the home user, this extends the telephone program to the full limits of the wireless hubs on the LAN with no the want to install cordless phones or carry any further equipment.

An additional means of extending telephone service to all parts of a residence or yard is by means of the use of limited-range cordless phones. These phones are transceivers (transmitters and receivers) that operate on radio frequencies in the 900 MHz and 2.four GHz bands. Calls on these phones are relayed back and forth among the wireless handset and the base unit in a two-way radio broadcast. The handsets are battery powered (usually by rechargeable batteries), but most base units require

AC power by way of a low-voltage transformer in addition to the line voltage in the telephone technique.

Neither cordless phones nor wireless VoIP softphones are secure from eavesdropping by significantly interested parties. Calls on both kinds of phones can be received by anybody within range who has appropriate equipment. The house user of wireless telephone equipment really should be as careful as the business user not to give personal details, identification numbers, or any other nonpublic data more than a wireless telephone call.

Cell Phones

Cell phones can integrate with a house LAN either through their wireless connection to the property telephone system or through a connection to the World wide web. A telephone link allows a cell phone to connect to the home LAN by calling a home land

telephone line and connecting by way of that call to other segments of the network.

With this link, the cell telephone user can download info from the network’s other nodes and forward command or control instructions to the security method, utility manage systems, or other parts of the network.

The same objectives can be achieved by connecting to the residence LAN by way of the Internet. Most cell phones now have a direct wireless link to the Internet by way of the service provider. Using this path, the property owner can link to the home LAN and carry out all of the functions that would be obtainable by linking to the LAN by way of a remote pc. Cell telephone Net connections are not as quickly as a personal computer link, nor do they have the storage capacity or ease of information entry accessible on most laptops, but they offer great comfort for contacting the home LAN from any remote point where cell telephone service is functional.

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