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5 Tricks to Boost Your Ebay Computer Sales

Article by David “Computer Guru” Jaeger

Believe it or not, making money selling custom computers on ebay is very easy. I’ve personally helped people make anywhere from a 35% – 50% profit per each computer, with an average computer sale of 00. (That over 0 net profit – on the low end!)

There is a simple reason most computer builders can’t sell their computers successfully. You see, there are two types of people; there are the “techies” and the “people persons”.

Techies enjoy understanding how things work. They will take things apart to put them back together just to learn how to put the item together. When a “techie” buys a car, they want to learn about how the engine works, and what are all the parts names. When they talk to someone, they enjoy talking about the differences in “specs”.

Then there are “people persons”. They are perfectly happy not knowing how things work – as long as they work. What they do enjoy is getting involved with people. They like to get in the middle of different social dynamics, typically care a lot about what their friends think etc.

This isn’t a psyche class though, this about learning 5 tricks to successfully selling your computers on ebay. So why am I mentioning the “techie” mindset?

As you can guess, most computer builders are techies. The 5 tricks aren’t really tricks at all. These 5 tricks allow you to get out of “spec” mode, and into selling successfully mode. Here goes:

1) Most eBay computer builders put 5 pages of specs. This turns most browsers off. Unlike “techies”, most people don’t really care about the detailed specs and don’t appreciate it, so don’t put them in, save yourself some grief, and gain valuable customers.

2) Use audio / video in your auction. This is very powerful, as you can express your personality in audio and video much better than you can in person

3) Add Personality to your auction. Essentially, you need to tell people why they should buy from you. You do this by being yourself, and telling people what got you into computers? What fascinates you about computers? What makes you so confident about your computer building capabilities?

4) Encourage people to contact you and ask questions. I do this prominently on my auctions. I tell people to contact me by either phone, email, or ebay’s contact member program.

5) Insert an Instant Messenging service (like meebo me) into your auction to make it easier for people to contact you.

If you apply these tricks to your ebay computer auctions you are well on your way to success.

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