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Monday is Uploading from a Library!

I’m in our library right now uploading this because our computer won’t connect to the internet. So sorry this is up late! Thanks for the pachinece guys! I ho…
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Grant of 3.39 million Euro awarded to UK based Erlang Consortium for Property-based Testing Research

Grant of 3.39 million Euro awarded to UK based Erlang Consortium for Property-based Testing Research

(PRWEB UK) 31 October 2012

Erlang Solutions is part of a consortium that has been awarded a 3.39 million Euro grant for the ‘Prowess’ project – a research into Property-based testing of Web services. The grant is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for Research and Technological Development, the EU’s main instrument for funding research in Europe. Erlang Solutions is one of nine partners (universities and small to medium sized enterprises), spanning three member states (the UK, Spain and Sweden). Through Prowess’ Advisory Board and Erlang Solutions partner Basho, the project links into several more EU countries and the US. The joint proposal for ‘Prowess’ was submitted by the consortium in response to FP7’s call for proposals on the subject of ‘Cloud Computing, Internet Services and Advanced Software engineering’ under the ‘Computing in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)’ research category.

The objective of ‘Prowess’ is to provide the European software industry with efficient and effective testing tools and techniques for web services and internet applications. Erlang Solutions will develop a cloud based scalable testing framework that will provide testing as a service and enable realistic, controlled testing of non-functional requirements for web based applications. This will enable automating quality assurance, reducing its cost and improving effectiveness.

Property-based testing (PBT) provides a powerful, high-level, approach to testing. Rather than focusing on individual test cases to encapsulate the behaviour of a system, the new methodologies will take into account the following aspects:

         Composition of property based testing models

         Simplification of creation and understanding of models

         Developing techniques to compare multiple implementations

         Support testing of constantly evolving systems

         Address non-functional requirements such as performance requirements

         Define software assurance criteria to ensure the highest quality assurance.

Erlang Solutions will be managing the dissemination and exploitation of the output from the consortium to their customers throughout Europe in a variety of sectors.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with world class academic and industrial partners in this project. While reducing the time spent on testing, ‘Prowess’ also aims to develop approaches to improving quality assurance. Property-based testing is going through a technological evolution, and this grant shows Erlang Solutions’ commitment to ground breaking research in multi-core and cloud computing environments” declared Francesco Cesarini, Founder and Technical Director of Erlang Solutions.

About Erlang Solutions Ltd.

Erlang Solutions provides businesses true scalability through the creation, integration, delivery and lifetime support of products and services based on the Erlang programming language. Our customers obtain all the benefits of the speed to market, low lifetime cost and extreme reliability offered by Erlang-based solutions. Erlang Solutions has a special focus on Erlang and the Erlang community, offering industry-leading research, development, training and worldwide support. We have extensive experience in industries such as telecom, financial services, gaming, advertising, new media and automotive. Erlang Solutions has offices in London, Stockholm, Krakow, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Zurich.

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Kaizen Way Sacramento SEO Company Reviews Steps for Online Success in 2013

Kaizen Way Sacramento SEO Company Reviews Steps for Online Success in 2013

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) February 13, 2013

Kaizen Way Marketing has analyzed the factors important for online business marketing and the actions required to achieve success in 2013. As Google’s algorithm continues to change and continues to create challenges for ranking, the costs of SEO services will also increase. Quality results will not be able to be met on a shoestring anymore. However, by planning ahead and carefully implementing a budget, any online website can produce quality results from effective SEO Sacramento services.

The owner of Kaizen Way Marketing, Craig De Borba, has studied the facets of search engine optimization and how to get Internet marketing results. With clients appearing in major U.S. publications such as USA Today and Business Insider, Mr. De Borba has seen success in following the metrics of successful online marketing implementation. He says, “Business owners will not stay with a SEO company for very long if they are not seeing results.” Knowing this, he puts all his knowledge to work for companies who want to reap the benefits of online marketing and sales.

Kaizen Way Marketing, for instance, works on the aspect of mobile landing pages, since the demand for these will only increase in the coming year. A leading search engine industry website, Search Engine Watch, has stated that mobile searchers convert more easily than visitors to a landing page. According to the Google Mobile Movement Study in 2011, approximately 70 percent of mobile searchers take action within one hour and 88 percent will take action within twenty-four hours.

Craig De Borba’s success with Kaizen Way Marketing has led to many happy and prosperous clients and a new venture On Point Internet Marketing, that will reach U.S. demographics with the addition of online coaching while Kaizen still remains predominately focused on Sacramento Internet Marketing clientele. One of his satisfied clients remarked that his traffic and calls doubled after taking advantage of Kaizen Way’s remarkable SEO services. As Mr. De Borba looks back on 2012 and the huge volume of changes that have occurred with SEO, he sees the means of accomplishing success with high quality content building, along with marketing automation implementation. He realizes to keep up with the ever-changing SEO environment, processes also have to change.

SEO is a vital tool in an online marketing toolbox. Kaizen Way ensures sites perform well, fulfill their purpose and create a community around a brand. Clients are nurtured towards a goal of an online business reaching up to a 45 percent increase in ROI. This truly means success in the New Year for any online business looking to expand.

About Kaizen Way Marketing: The word “Kaizen” means “improvement” in Japanese. Achieving continuous improvement is a philosophy that Kaizen Way follows to create success for clients all over the world. Kaizen Way Marketing has its headquarters in Sacramento, California, with an entire team of professionals who provide advanced Internet marketing strategies to help online businesses succeed.

Contact: Kaizen Way Marketing

Telephone Number: 916-293-0512

Web site address:


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Public Library Systems Spend $47,000 Annually on Personal Computers

Public Library Systems Spend $ 47,000 Annually on Personal Computers

(PRWEB) June 27, 2013

The study found that the public library systems in the sample spent a mean of $ 47,357 for personal computers and workstations in the past year. Laptops make some inroads into the public library market, and public libraries with more than 10 employees purchased a mean of 3.71 laptop computers in the past year. Nonetheless, smaller libraries with a budget of less than $ 100,000 had an average stock of only 1.31 laptops. Spending was also modest on eBook Reading devices, an estimated mean of $ 483 on eBook reading devices in 2012. However, mobile computing is making its mark on the Nation’s public libraries and 44.9% of the libraries sampled currently own or lease an Amazon Kindle and 18.37% of the libraries plan on purchasing a Barnes & Noble Nook over the next two years.

The report ($ 59.00) is available from Primary Research Group ( and also from major book vendors such as Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Yankee Book Peddler, Midwest Library Services, Overdrive and other distributors of content. For a free excerpt, table of contents and list of survey participants, or to place an order, visit our website at


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The History of Computers

History of the computer starting in 1930 and ending in 1990. No content belongs to me besides the editing Music property of Regina Spektor.


University – SKIL – Living without the Internet and Computers

In this video, I talk about my (attempted) day without Computers, Smartphones or the Internet.

HP Tech Support, Software Upgrades & Online Computer Support to the Global User Base of HP Machines by

HP Tech Support, Software Upgrades & Online Computer Support to the Global User Base of HP Machines by

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 18, 2013

As part of their continued commitment, the leading online computer repair company now announces to offer their unlimited support to the users of a wide variety of HP computing devices and peripherals. The company has recently designed new packages that are aimed at serving global customers who own one or another HP device. The engineering support that they are now providing to the HP users will keep them free from tensions, if any technical issue crops up all of a sudden.

Speaking about their newly introduced HP technical support, one of the support engineers of the company reveals, “Computers are machines and they can develop a snag at anytime. Whether someone owns an HP device or an IBM machine, one should be ready to face any unexpected technical issue and the best way is to opt for the subscription of our online computer support.”

The company offers their support twenty-four hours a day and thus computer users from across the world will find them accessible all the time, if they need some urgent help. Now, HP computer users too can take advantage of the company’s round the clock support program and can buy a peace of mind for themselves. The importance of a 24-hour support becomes even more evident, particularly when computers are prone to virus attacks at anytime, whether it’s day or night. This is the reason why the computer virus removal services offered by the company are more in demand.

One of the leading computer security experts reveals, “The incidences of virus attacks are growing day by day. This is one important reason why computer users are bound to subscribe for a reliable online virus removal program.” The company is well-aware of this scenario and maintains a full-fledged team of virus removal specialists who quickly jump into the action for the damage control, as soon as they receive a request for the virus removal.

HP is a leading computer brand that manufactures a wide variety of computers, laptops, printers, servers and other devices. By offering their HP tech support, the company intends to assure users of all these machines of highly committed services that would allow them to keep continue with their respective works without any unnecessary disturbance. To learn more about their services and to subscribe to their HP technical support, one can visit their website.

About the Company

The company is a leading online computer repair and technical support service provider. The company has a large customer base of global computer users and they provide their support services for the machines of all leading brands including HP, Dell, Acer and others.

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Vodien Acknowledges the Hard Work of Its Employees at Annual Company Gathering

Vodien Acknowledges the Hard Work of Its Employees at Annual Company Gathering

Singapore, Singapore (PRWEB) June 16, 2013

Vodien Internet Solutions has been providing customers in Singapore and all over the world with quality web hosting services. These services include packages that offer VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, as well as Reseller Hosting for those users looking to establish web hosting businesses of their own. One of the main reasons why Vodien has been so successful during this last decade is due to the quality of the services that they provide coupled with their excellent customer service.

Vodien has its own private server farms equipped with state-of-the-art hardware that provide complete security and redundancy in terms of power and cooling management. Unlike most of the other companies that depend upon third parties for server management, Vodien’s servers are under their direct control, allowing them to respond to and fix any problems that their web hosting customers face in record time.

During one of their most recent annual company meetings, Vodien Internet Solutions honoured Mr. Harry Toh as their most successful salesperson for last year. Mr. Harry Toh joined the company in 2008 in a junior capacity. Having graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Mass Communications, Mr. Toh had no past working experience with the digital world nor did he have any technical expertise. However, his academic background gave him significant experience with formulating marketing campaigns and constructing visual and literary designs that would appeal to consumers.

In fact, most of the various aspects of the marketing campaigns that he has handled have allowed Vodien to attract more Singapore-based web hosting customers into their fold. One of the best things about Vodien Internet Solutions is that they have the quality and the right packages to attract and keep their customers satisfied. This is one of the main reasons why they have been able to maintain a very high customer retention rate.

In addition, Vodien’s culture of paying tribute and acknowledging the efforts of their employees, is also one of the reasons why their own employees love the working culture at the company. Vodien, as a Singapore-based company, has received numerous accolades from both private-sector companies, such as ValidSafe, as well as the government. These accolades have allowed them to attract customers by word-of-mouth referrals from within the private and public sectors, both from within Singapore and globally.

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More It Hardware Press Releases

After the Revolution in Touch Computing Made Possible by Windows 8, Senior Care Corner?s New Tips for Selecting Computers for Seniors

After the Revolution in Touch Computing Made Possible by Windows 8, Senior Care Corner’s New Tips for Selecting Computers for Seniors

Senior Care Corner

Greenville, SC (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

The art of selecting a computer for senior loved ones was redefined going into the 2012 holiday season by Microsoft’s introduction of Windows 8 and the accompanying announcements of new computing devices utilizing the Windows 8 touchscreen capability. Among the beneficiaries are older adults and the family members seeking to demonstrate how easy it is to gain the benefits of going online and participating in social networking.

Reflecting this major change in product offerings, and both the opportunities and confusion that it may drive just as the shopping season begins, Senior Care Corner has developed new tips for those choosing computing gifts for senior loved ones.

“We’re thrilled by the opportunity the wide range of touchscreen devices offers to seniors previously unable to use or uncomfortable using computers” says Barry Birkett of Senior Care Corner. “We want to help family caregivers and other loved ones open new doors for older adults through the web and social networking.”

Considerations When Selecting Computing Devices for Seniors

Taking into account these points can improve the likelihood a device purchased for a senior loved one will provide enjoyment and other benefits well after a gift is unwrapped.

Consider how the device will be used.

    If intended for basic web access, reading e-books and document creation, there typically isn’t a need the fastest and most expensive processors or large amounts of memory.
    Applications such as home movie editing or game playing benefit from faster processors and greater amounts of both RAM and storage memory as well as larger screens or monitors.

Consider where the device will be used.

    When use is to be limited to a single location, such as a desk or table at home, desktop or all-in-one computers can be an economical way to buy any level of capability with the plus of greatest screen size optionality, both for touch and non-touch screens.
    If mobility is needed, whether within the home or for travel, a laptop, tablet or one of the new convertibles (laptops that convert to be used as tablets) provide the greatest flexibility but also tradeoffs between screen size and ease of portability.

Consider how the device will connect to the web.

    Use exclusively at home for those aging in place, the homes of family members, or other areas with Wi-Fi, including public hotspots, can mean that the built-in Wi-Fi capability in most portable devices should be sufficient.
    Devices used where Wi-Fi is not available, or if private or sensitive information (such as banking or healthcare data) is to be communicated or viewed over the web, cellular broadband capability should be considered. This is an option in many devices or may be added via USB attachment or portable hotspot from cellular companies. Note that many smartphones can be “tethered” to computers and tablets to connect them to the web.

Consider any physical limitations of the intended users.

    Larger screens may provide greatest access and enjoyment to those with reduced vision.
    Touchscreens, now widely available in all sizes with devices using Windows 8, may provide greatest access to those whose manual dexterity is limited, such as by arthritis or injury.

Consider compatibility with devices used by family and friends.

    File sharing, especially with documents, is often easiest with compatible devices.
    Family members providing “tech support” to seniors may be limited in their ability to address issues on devices that are not compatible with their own.

About Senior Care Corner

Senior Care Corner (on the web at provides solutions, information and tools to family caregivers and others who care for and about senior adults to help them improve the lives of the seniors in their lives. Their blog, biweekly podcast and bookstore address a wide variety of topics family caregivers can use to better understand the wants and needs of their senior loved ones.

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