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Do You Neeed A Netbook Or Laptop Computer?

Write-up by Edison Chase

If you need web connectivity on the go, then both netbook and laptop computers will offer you with what you need to have. Nevertheless, the ideal 1 for you depends on your wants and your budget. This article will aid you determine among netbook computers and laptop computers.


One of the very first items you want to consider when making your choice is processing power. Netbook computers provide much less processing power. You will only be in a position to use one program at a time, negating your capacity to multi-job. If you need to have to use applications that require lots of processing power, then a laptop pc is the way to go.


One more factor to take into account is weight. Laptops normally have optical drives and larger screens which make them heavier. Netbooks are usually smaller and lightweight and less complicated to carry around. This is particularly valuable if you are often traveling.


If you just need a device that streams audio or video, either device will suit your wants. Even so, if you require to produce or edit videos or photographs, then you will most likely need a laptop. Netbooks also have lower top quality graphics cards which is not excellent to use for more intensive gaming applications.

Disk Space

As you learned a minute ago, laptop computers generally have bigger tough drives. This is critical if you have lots of information that takes up a lot of space such as movies. The challenging drive in netbook computers usually best out at 250GB.

Optical Drive

Laptop computers almost often have optical drives. Netbook computers do not. This indicates that you won’t be able to listen to CDs or watch movies on a DVD. These optical discs are also helpful for transferring big amounts of information which you will not be in a position to do with a netbook given that it will not have the needed drive.


Both devices usually offer built-in networking so you can connect to the net. Laptop computers just offer you a lot more connectivity possibilities although like firewire ports, more USB ports, etc. When making use of a netbook, you’ll want to sync with your telephone or main pc to share data.

These are some of the principal differences between netbook and laptop computers. Travelers would surely benefit from the lower weight of the netbooks because they have smaller screens and no optical drives to weigh them down However, laptops offer a lot more processing power, disk space, and networking capabilities. You can also run as a lot of applications as you want to at the exact same time.

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