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Oxygen Software Releases Rugged Forensic Kit

Oxygen Software Releases Rugged Forensic Kit

Oxygen Rugged Forensic Kit

Moscow, Russia (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

Oxygen’s previously available Forensic Kit was a tremendous success among forensic customers working in the field. Releasing a rugged edition of the popular all-in-one solution provides powerful mobile acquisition and analysis features to those customers working in extreme conditions. Designed for greatest portability under the most extreme conditions, Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit is a truly unique mobile solution, serving as a field laboratory that is always available. The solution is specially built and configured to be used and to be usable in the field.

The kit includes a rugged, lightweight Windows 7 tablet with a pre-installed and pre-activated copy of Oxygen Forensic Suite Analyst. The solution includes the complete set of cables and has all cable drivers pre-installed and pre-configured to ensure immediate connectivity with all types of devices being acquired. The kit can be carried in the supplied waterproof Peli case.

About Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit

Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit is an all-in-one, ready to use solution offering rapid on-scene acquisition and analysis of information from a wide range of mobile devices. Compared to other forensic hardware, Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit not simply extracts data, but allows performing a quick but comprehensive analysis on the spot. The combination of a touch screen and a highly intuitive user interface allows working with acquired evidence without leaving the scene. Extracted information can be also brought to a forensic lab for further analysis and reporting. Evidence collected with Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit can be used in the court.

Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit includes everything to start working immediately. Including all necessary connectivity cables, the kit has all the drivers and software already installed and pre-configured. If no cable is available for a particular device, the kit comes with a pre-installed and pre-configured Bluetooth connection.

The solution is highly extensible, offering a range of add-ons extending battery runtime, allowing extra charging and connectivity options. The computer runs a 32-bit version of Windows 7, allowing additional software to be installed without a hassle.

Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit comes with a license for Oxygen Forensic Suite Analyst, the most advanced and highly acclaimed mobile forensic software. The tool will help specialists extract information from more than 6500 models of smartphones, cell phones and tablets, and perform a highly sophisticated analysis of all activities of the owner of the device.

What’s Included

Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit includes a combination of rugged hardware and pre-installed software to enable instant deployment and seamless connectivity with most types of mobile hardware. The kit includes:

    A highly rugged Tablet PC 7″ MaxView touch screen, Intel Atom 1.6 GHz, 64Gb SSD, 2GB RAM, 2 x USB ports, 1 x LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera w/LED;
    Preinstalled Windows 7 OS Home Premium 32 bit;
    Preinstalled, pre-activated, pre-configured and ready to use Oxygen Forensic Suite, Analyst license;
    Additional DVD Box with Oxygen Forensic Suite, USB Dongle Analyst license to install on an extra desktop PC;
    Android Rooting add-on included in both Internet and USB Dongle licenses;
    Oxygen Cable Set: the complete set of cables;
    Preinstalled and pre-configured Oxygen Drivers Pack to support all cables;
    Printed Getting Started Guide for Oxygen Forensic Suite;
    Printed Connection Instructions Guide;
    Rugged Peli case.

Who Can Use Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit

Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit is a perfect solution for the field. Users of Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit include the police and military forces, criminal investigators, forensic specialists, intelligence and special services.

Pricing and Availability

Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit is available immediately. North American pricing is set to US $ 7999, while European customers will pay € 6499. Local pricing may vary.

A more affordable non-rugged edition is also available for $ 5499 / € 3999.

Optional accessories are available at

About Oxygen Forensic Suite 2013

Oxygen Forensic Suite 2013 helps investigators and forensic specialists access and analyze data from a variety of mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones, communicators, PDA and tablet PCs. Currently supporting more than 6,300 different models, Oxygen Forensic Suite 2013 covers the widest range of mobile devices compared to competition, and allows fully automated acquisition and analysis of supported devices.

The unique Timeline feature offers convenient, single-place access to all activities and movements performed by the user arranged by date and time. Investigators can track user location at every moment, build and map their historic routes, and clearly see all activities performed by the user at each location. Timeline is now available for analyzing DMG images.

Another signature feature of Oxygen Forensic Suite allows investigators performing a global search on all devices ever analyzed with the toolkit. The global search quickly reveals any connections (e.g. common contacts, exchanged calls, texts or emails) between the phone owners.

Oxygen’s statistical analysis tools allow investigators discover social connections between the users of multiple mobile devices. Calls, text messages and Skype conversations are analyzed to produce charts and tables revealing the users’ closest circle at a glance.

Oxygen Forensic Suite 2013 guarantees zero-footprint operation, leaving no traces and making no modifications to the content of the devices, making it the tool of choice among government and law enforcement agencies, security services and forensic organizations in more than fifty countries.

About Oxygen Software

Founded in 2000, Oxygen Software offers the most advanced forensic data examination tools for smartphones and mobile devices. The company is dedicated in delivering the most universal forensic solution covering the widest range of mobile devices running Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iOS, and Android operating systems. As a result, Oxygen Forensic Suite receives great response at forensic conferences, exhibitions and trainings, and occupies a spot in the top of the list in relevant tests for extracting more data than competitors.

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More information about the company and its forensic solutions is available at


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