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RO|Innovation Announces Latest Version of Mobile Lead Generation App for Trade Shows

RO|Innovation Announces Latest Version of Mobile Lead Generation App for Trade Shows

Denver, CO (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

Sales enablement software pioneer RO|Innovation is proud to announce its latest mobile offering, the RO|Sales Enablement App for the Apple iPad. Designed with the needs of trade show teams in mind, the RO|Sales Enablement App streamlines the process for capturing and qualifying leads while offering robust content distribution and tracking capabilities. Custom integration with lead management systems allows exhibitors to immediately gather and leverage sales intelligence, regardless of their location.

Market-leading companies such as EMC Corporation have already embraced RO|Innovation’s solution. “Leveraging RO|Innovation’s technology allows us to streamline our process for capturing a prospect’s data while engaging them in a meaningful dialogue,” said Marie Ross, EMC’s Director of Customer Marketing and References. “Having key marketing assets readily available allows our sales team to instantly access and send the information their prospects need to make purchasing decisions.”

The RO|Sales Enablement App allows booth reps to capture lead data onsite using their iPad or other tablet device. They can also queue delivery of marketing collateral to prospects via “Spotlights” (micro-sites containing information tailored to the needs of your business) which can be set up to auto-send when the device is connected to the Internet. By tracking prospect engagement and viewing behaviors, exhibitors can create custom follow-up activities. Lead data is automatically collected, stored and forwarded to a company’s lead management system, based on their specific requirements.

The RO|Sales Enablement App was developed as an extension of the RO|Enablement platform that Fortune 500 Companies such as Phillips rely on to manage their marketing and customer reference program. “The RO|Sales Enablement App evolved in direct response to our clients’ requests for a robust lead generation solution that offered the ability to gather and leverage sales intelligence at their trade shows,” said Jim Mooney, Founder and CEO of RO|Innovation. “It enables companies to pinpoint their best prospects and continue their conversation with them beyond the trade show floor.”

About RO|Innovation

Since 2002, RO|Innovation has developed applications that address challenges in the sales, marketing and customer reference landscape. From robust technology that optimizes and simplifies customer reference workflow to sales enablement tools that streamline the sales process, RO|Innovation drives peak business performance. Learn more about RO|ReferenceView, RO|Enablement, and the new mobile app at

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