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Computer Cable Store? Announces Their Latest Segment of Computer Cables

Computer Cable Store™ Announces Their Latest Segment of Computer Cables

Quakertown, Pa (PRWEB) July 25, 2014

Trend reviewers have named Computer Cable Store™ as an online hardware store with a very high query rate in Google’s search index. At a recent conference Computer Cable Store™ announced the release of their segment of Networx™ computer cables.

“When Computer Cable Store™ first conceived the idea of serving a wider consumer base through the internet, it was decided that the best way to go about it was by creating a niche,” said Jeramie Cavanaugh, marketing executive with Computer Cable Store™. “From that day to the present, Computer Cable Store™ specializes in marketing computer cables from different manufacturers. The main goal during the initial days of Computer Cable Store™ was to provide the customers with every possible type of computer cable, be it a Cat5e computer cable or a more versatile coaxial cable.”

The conference attendees had performed a systemic analysis before attending the press conference and surely, Computer Cable Store™ stocked computer cables for various purposes. “Since the startup, Computer Cable Store™ has grown slowly but surely, and today the company can proudly say that it has an asset list of all the computer cables available in the market,” concluded Jeramie Cavanaugh.

“Due to the success of the Networx™ computer cable niche, Computer Cable Store™ did begin going into uncharted horizons by adding various accessories like wall mounts and converters, but the customers still favor us for the diversity in the computer cable merchandise,” said George McDowell, product manager at Computer Cable Store™. When asked which computer cables sell the most, Jeramie Cavanaugh replied, “The sales of Cat6 and Cat5e computer cables are pretty neck and neck. However the sales of Cat5e bulk cables have been uniform throughout the venture.” The panel was inquired about the other computer cables that were prevalent on the storefront of Computer Cable Store™. “Yes,” said Jeramie Cavanaugh, “The Fiber optic computer cables and the Coaxial cables have also seen large sales. Even so, these segments are a bit segregated from the rest as they are used only in special circumstances. Nonetheless, Computer Cable Store™ receive consistent orders on all the lines of Networx™ computer cables.

So, what is next for Computer Cable Store™? “The company will keep on increasing the number of participating manufacturers as a recently performed market analysis has shown that some consumers favor a computer cable from a particular manufacturer. The company shall never leave the customer wanting, in any way,” said George McDowell. From the testimonials on their website, Computer Cable Store™ is no doubt reviewing every possible necessity that the customers might have. In addition to that, the company’s webmasters claim that it is one of the most secure places to buy computer cables and other accessories.

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