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Vertafore Unveils New Cloud-Based Technology Innovations for Insurance Agencies to Supercharge Operational Efficiencies and Drive Profitability

Vertafore Unveils New Cloud-Based Technology Innovations for Insurance Agencies to Supercharge Operational Efficiencies and Drive Profitability

Bothell, WA –

(PRWEB) May 28, 2014 — Vertafore, the leading provider of software that transforms the business of insurance, today introduced a major upgrade across its entire portfolio of comprehensive and technologically advanced agency solutions for small, mid-size and enterprise insurance agencies. Based on demand by Vertafore’s customer base of over 20,000 insurance businesses, the Sagitta 2014, Vertafore Agency Platform 2014 and AMS360 2014 solutions incorporate the latest in cloud, data, mobile and automation technologies to help today’s modern insurance agencies increase operational efficiencies and grow profitability. With over $ 50 million invested into product development annually, the new wave of agency solutions demonstrates Vertafore’s commitment to driving the success of independent agencies of all sizes.

Technology investments are at an all-time high for insurance providers looking to software and IT solutions to innovate and optimize every facet of their organizations. In fact, the total insurance IT spending across North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific is expected to reach $ 162.1 billion in 2014, with continued growth to $ 176.7 billion by 2016 . Despite increasing budgets, Ernst & Young reports that 80% of insurance executives see themselves as technology laggards in customer engagement, analytics and adoption of mobile. To alleviate these hardships, Vertafore breaks the mold of traditional insurance software by incorporating cloud, mobile and big data capabilities into their technologies – providing the industry’s most advanced, comprehensive portfolio of solutions for agencies to maximize performance and drive profitability.

A recent Gartner market share analysis has ranked Vertafore second as the top 12 self-serve insurance vendors (VSS) worldwide for 2012 and 2013 . Today, over 20,000 insurance businesses use Vertafore, including 96% of the top independent agencies, 80% of carriers, and 13 of 25 leading brokers. In addition to the company’s recent partnerships with DocuSign, Progressive and the National Flood Service, the new enhancements in Sagitta 2014, Vertafore Agency Platform 2014 and AMS360 2014 solidify Vertafore’s leadership position.

Sagitta 2014

As the only customizable enterprise-level solution in the market, Sagitta 2014 is designed for scalability and provides an extensible architecture to meet the unique needs of enterprise-class agencies. Sagitta 2014 includes enhanced services at scale, such as access for remote users, analyzing and managing multiple lines of business, 3rd party application integration, and custom development capabilities – all showcasing the strength of the Sagitta product. As part of the new Vertafore Enterprise Suite, Sagitta 2014 works in tandem with integral agency products such as WorkSmart, BenefitPoint, and PL Rating to deliver user efficiencies unique to complex agency processes and tasks.

“I’ve been a Vertafore customer and Sagitta user since 1997, and our agency has built our business and processes around the Sagitta solution,” said Beth Jerauld, Senior Vice President of Mesirow Insurance Services, one of the largest independent insurance brokerages and consulting firms in the Chicago area, ranking among the top 40 in the country. “The new enhancements are incredibly advanced, customizable and scalable, allowing us to continue meeting the growing needs of our enterprise. The developmental efforts going into the Sagitta product are core to achieving our goals, and we’re looking forward to seeing additional innovations unfold in the coming months.”

Vertafore Agency Platform 2014

Since introducing the Vertafore Agency Platform in March 2013, the company has signed one new agency customer per day, signing more than 500 incremental new users each month. To help agencies overcome the challenge of managing disparate technologies even more, the Vertafore Agency Platform 2014 now offers an integrated single application experience that allows independent agents to make accurate business decisions and efficiently execute work tasks. New enhancements include Vertafore Single Sign-On, Vertafore SmartFlows, and a new “My Agency Home” dashboard that offers a personalized summary of each agent’s work status – including key tasks and outstanding issues. This automated guidance also helps reduce human latency and errors that hinder excellence in client service.

“Transitioning to the Agency Platform was a no-brainer, particularly due to the seamless integration of our core business applications and advanced reporting functionalities,” said Whitney Malone, Agency Operations Specialist at Gardiner Allen DeRoberts Insurance, one of the nation’s largest, locally owned independent insurance agency supporting clients in all 50 states. “Since making the switch, our agents can manage leads and sell more effectively, resulting in exponential revenue growth.”

AMS360 2014

As the most cost-effective standalone agency management system, AMS360 is a starting point for fast growing agencies before upgrading to the Vertafore Agency Platform. Currently serving over 60,000 users, AMS360 2014 offers a rich set of new features that helps agencies drive revenue growth and better serve customers, including new accounting, billing endorsement processing, and on-demand access to ACORD forms. AMS360 2014 also supports the latest PC software versions, including Windows 8.1, IE 10 and 11.

“Not long after taking over our family-owned agency, it became apparent that technology could resolve a majority of our day-to-day inefficiencies,” said Rex Caton, CEO of Caton-Hosey Insurance Agency, known as Florida’s most respected property, casualty and benefits insurance agency. “Vertafore’s agency solutions put us ahead of competition and have played a significant role in helping achieve our business goals. AMS360 allows our team to automate processes, and spend more time focusing on client needs and improving the customer service experience.”

“The insurance industry is on the cusp of a major digital transformation, and Vertafore is leading the charge through the innovations we are bringing to market today. As we’ve witnessed in other fast moving industries like financial services, agility and automation have a profound impact on the bottom line,” said Alex Lintner, CEO of Vertafore. “Our software helps independent agencies leverage the latest advancements in cloud, data and mobile, to increase efficiencies and maximize day-to-day operations that move the needle for their business.”

From customer and policy management to producer licensing, reference materials, and real-time rating, no other insurance software company offers end-to-end solutions designed to make the modern independent agency more profitable today and into the future.

To debut Sagitta 2014, Vertafore Agency Platform 2014 and AMS360 2014, Vertafore will host a live webcast on May 28 at 10:00 am PDT. Attendees will experience live product demonstrations, hear customer testimonials and Q&As with Vertafore executives. In the coming weeks, Vertafore will also host separate, in-depth webinars for each product line. For more information, visit

About Vertafore

Vertafore delivers cloud-based insurance software and services that transform the business of insurance. With the largest customer-base in the industry, more than 20,000 agencies and carriers leverage Vertafore’s insurance solutions that are built on today’s most advanced cloud, mobile, and information technology platforms. Only Vertafore offers the most complete portfolio of solutions for agencies and carriers to drive efficiencies and increase profitability – including agency management, rating and connectivity, content management and workflow, information solutions and producer lifecycle management. For more information about Vertafore, visit, and follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Vertafore, the Vertafore logo and design and other trademarks mentioned belong to Vertafore, Inc. Other trademarks belong to their respective owners. ©2014 Vertafore, Inc. and its subsidiaries.

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Main Performance PC Announces New Products, New Website and Availability of Financing to Customers

Main Performance PC Announces New Products, New Website and Availability of Financing to Customers

2012 Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

Memphis, TN (PRWEB) November 13, 2012

High-End Computer manufacturer Main Performance PC today announced it will be formally launching a brand new company website in addition to offering financing options for its customers. The new website promises to be more user-friendly and will allow customers to compare products more easily.

Financing will be offered through Bill Me Later, a Paypal company. Customers can enjoy financing options with no payments for six months + no interest if paid in full within 6 months. Bill Me Later is easy to apply for, and customers will get an approval decision in a matter of seconds.

Main Performance PC will also continue to be the sole United States distributor for the Obutto Gaming Cockpit. The Obutto R3Volution is the latest in the line of Obutto cockpits, which have become popular with computer gamers of all kinds including fans of racing simulation, flight simulation and first person shooter games. The new cockpit is more customizable and comfortable as well, showing why Obutto continues to lead the pack when it comes to computer cockpits. The original version of the Obutto, the oZone, will gain some features of the R3Volution as its design is improved upon. To learn more about Obutto, click here.

Main Performance PC has also recently become a sponsor on Motorsports Simulations and iGP Manager. In addition to being a sponsor of the iRacing service, Main Performance PC also sponsors sim racers in the NASCAR iRacing Series World Championship (NiSWC) and the NASCAR iRacing Pro Series, (NiPS) with drivers Brian Schoenburg, Michael Conti, Jason Karlavige, Danny Hansen and Carson Downs running Main Performance PC & Obutto livery throughout both seasons.

Main Performance PC’s mission is to provide gamers a complete solution for today’s latest PC games. The company’s goals are to provide simple, reliable and fast service to every customer not just during the sale, but long after.

Michael Main, president of Main Performance PC had this to say about today’s announcement, “Today we have taken the next step towards becoming one of the leading OEM system manufacturers in the US. The new site was a joint effort with Madwire Media in creating a seamless transition for our customers to a more enjoyable experience and user friendly design.”

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