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Computer Science 61C – Lecture 34: Virtual Memory

Machine Structures Professor Dan Garcia – Professor Michael Franklin Link to lecture notes
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Part 2 video on how to take the gold from computer chips and refine it to a more pure metal and smelt it. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. See more at

Slow Computer – Low-Memory – DELETE FILES?

Why deleting files will not speed up your computer or clear low memory messages. Thanks to Mac user Judy. I forgot to mention that Mac’s pretty much deal wit…
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How Computer Memory Works

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Computer Basics Terminology: What is a Hard Drive, What Is RAM – This easy, plain English explanation of two commonly confused computer terms will make a lot of sense. More free of charge, effortless computer lessons are accessible at
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A pc memory card works by storing the information and processes that are taking place on a personal computer in present time. Uncover how memory cards on computer systems interact with the CPU making use of insight from a pc and technologies specialist in this cost-free video on computers. Expert: Glenn Pieper Get in touch with: Bio: Glenn Pieper is a senior systems engineer and on the staff of PrismNet World wide web Service Provider. Filmmaker: Glenn Pieper

Computers & Technology – Computer Memory

Write-up by Colin Litchfield

Laptop or computer Memory: What is it?

There are several different sorts of memory a computer can have. Read only memory, or ROM, is a class of storage media utilized in computers and other electronic devices. Random access memory, usually recognized by its acronym, RAM, refers to data storage formats and equipment that allow the stored information to be accessed in any order. In contrast, other types of memory devices, such as magnetic tapes, disks, and drums, can access information on the storage medium only in a predetermined order due to constraints in their mechanical design. Molecular memory stores data in polymers that can shop electric charge. Molecular memory might be specially suited for main storage.

The primary memory contains programs that are being employed and the data that the programs are at present operating on. The arithmetic and logic unit can really swiftly transfer data among the processor register, and locations in the primary storage, identified as memory addresses. In existing computers, electronic solid state random access memory is getting employed for major storage, and directly connects to the CPU in the personal computer by a memory bus, and a data bus. The memory bus is also known as an address bus, or front side bus, and each of these buses are high speed digital highways. The approach of access and the speed are two basic differences among the memory and mass storage devices. Ever memory size and storage capability will most probably be exceeded with advances in technology.

Cache memory is a type of memory utilized internally by a lot of central processing units, to boost efficiency and throughput. Some data on the main memory is duplicated int he cache memory, which is a little slower but has considerably much more capacity than the processor registers, and is more rapidly but smaller than the primary memory. Multi level cache memory is also commonly utilised. Main cache is the smallest, fastest, and closest to the processing device. Secondary cache is bigger and slower, but faster and considerably smaller than the major memory.

Semiconductor memory uses a semiconductor based integrated circuits to shop the data. A semiconductor memory chip cointains millions of modest transistors or capacitors. Both the volatile sort and the non volatile type of semiconductor memory exist. In existing computers, the primary storage is mostly produced up of dynamic volatile semiconductor memory, or dynamic random access memory. With current technologies, a type of non volatile semiconductor memory identified as flash memory has speedily gained a share of olline storage for personal computers. None volatile semiconductor memory is also used for secondary storage in a lot of advanced electronic devices and specialized computers.

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How To Install Computer Memory

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