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Bad Economy Slows Down Cupid on Valentine’s Day

Bad Economy Slows Down Cupid on Valentine’s Day

New York (PRWEB) February 4, 2009

The National Retail Federation announced a 20% drop in its spending forecast for Valentine’s Day 2009. With the holiday just around the corner, consumers are on the hunt for creative, inexpensive, and meaningful ways to say “I love you.”

One way to reach family members to celebrate the day is through a new service launched today by called StoryTeller.

This new service allows family members to connect with those near and far by recording their voices and with a few mouse clicks, sending the message by e-mail to family members.

“There’s really no simpler way to share stories and love with your family,” said Amy Goyer, senior VP and relationship expert for “It doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need is a phone and a computer with an internet connection so you can access this service at”

For the 70 million grandparents out there, it’s a gift to give that is free, simple, and most meaningful: telling in their own voice their own story (and family history) in a message sent directly to the family inbox. And for the 30 million long distance grandparents across the country, StoryTeller fills a major void.

In addition to this new service, has a wealth of information on how to create inexpensive gifts for those near and dear. Handmade photo collages, iPod playlists, homemade candy, and framed children’s artwork are just a few of the ideas that top the list.

Now, in addition to all of these gift ideas, is encouraging millions of families to log on this Valentine’s Day and read a book, tell their family story, or simply record and send a quick message of love.

Producers: A VNR and B-roll package is available for download at the following location (copy and paste ftp address into browser URL):


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