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New SmartTeam Performance Cloud Combines Goal Setting and Performance Management in One Simple Online Tool

New SmartTeam Performance Cloud Combines Goal Setting and Performance Management in One Simple Online Tool

NEW! SmartTeam Performance Cloud

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) July 24, 2013, the premier online learning and performance solution for small to medium businesses, recently launched a new all-in-one online performance management and employee appraisal tool to help companies track and manage organizational goals and measure results with real-time visibility.

The “SmartTeam Performance Cloud” was launched July 10, 2013 and is designed to drive high-level collaboration on company objectives as well as create standardization and visibility across an organization to ultimately boost employee engagement and productivity. Like the existing SmartTeam Learning Cloud—which enables companies to deliver and track online training—the SmartTeam Performance Cloud is a fully hosted solution accessible from any computer with Internet access and requires no additional server space.

“With the launch of the SmartTeam Performance Cloud, we can now provide growing businesses with a complete turnkey solution for managing employee development,” says SmartTeam Vice President of Product Management and Marketing Kurt Stansbury. “Not only can companies manage and track online training, but now they have a tool that allows them to set individual, team, and company-wide goals, as well as complete employee appraisals to make sure those goals are being met. We’ve put everything they need to manage learning and performance in one easily accessible place.”

Key features of the SmartTeam Performance Cloud include:

    A portal to formalize and share company goals online
    Ability to assign, track and complete employee appraisals
    Tools to track and update progress toward performance initiatives
    Custom templates, competency assessments and appraisal forms
    Detailed search capability

About SmartTeam

SmartTeam is a convenient, affordable and fully hosted online learning and performance solution for small to medium businesses. A division of online education leader VectorLearning and headquartered in Tampa, Florida, SmartTeam provides a fully interactive professional development course library as well as robust tracking and management; goal alignment; and employee appraisal capabilities through a user-friendly web-based platform to help growing businesses manage staff development. SmartTeam offers live support seven days a week, as well as a broad range of features and administrative tools. For further information call 866-565-7465 or visit

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Licensing Node Locked Origin on a Computer with Internet Access (VT-1409)

This tutorial will introduce Node-Locked license offered by OriginLab, and show you how to activate a Node-Locked Origin installation on a computer that has …
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Mango Learning and Datawind Announce Content Partnership

Mango Learning and Datawind Announce Content Partnership

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 04, 2012

In a move to deliver a more comprehensive solution to schools and consumers, Datawind, maker of the world’s most inexpensive tablet, the Aakash 2 (commercially sold as the UbiSlate7Ci), and Mango Learning (“Mango”), U.S. developer of K-12 game based mobile learning apps, have agreed to embed Mango’s educational games on Datawind’s seven-inch tablets to be deployed globally.

“It is in the best interests of our company as well as our customers to make world-class educational content available to every student on our devices, right out of the box,” explained Suneet S. Tuli, Canada-based CEO of Datawind and one of FORBES’ Impact 15 Classroom Revolutionaries. “Mango Learning’s apps are Indian and U.S. Core Curriculum-aligned, game-based and visually impressive. While our devices support many additional apps, we’re confident that a large portion of end-users will naturally gravitate towards this type of educational game content. That means they will start learning from the moment our devices are in their hands.”

“Our team has developed a set of immersive math games that have the potential to enhance learning at every level,” said Kevin Howell, U.S. CEO of Mango Learning. “This content partnership enables us to provide a comprehensive solution to schools, teachers and parents who are looking to bring their students into the mobile learning realm, and get them inspired about learning. Datawind’s tablets, combined with our content, will be the game-changer.”

About Mango Learning, Inc.

Mango Learning™ is leading a learning revolution in teaching and learning by leveraging industry experts in game development from across the world and teaming them with education gurus to create a new paradigm for learning. Our mission is to create, for children globally, the most powerful, engaging mobile learning platform-based educational games by blending the very best of both, Eastern and Western pedagogy. Learn more about our achievements and programs by visiting

About Datawind Ltd.

Datawind is a leading provider of wireless web access products and services. Based on several international patents, Datawind’s breakthrough technologies solve the bandwidth limitations of cellular networks by accelerating content delivery by factors of 10x to 30x – resulting in a superior mobile web experience at a lower cost.

Most recently, DataWind’s Aakash/UbiSlate tablets have received worldwide attention, as the Company executes a vision to empower the next 3 billion people with computing and internet access.

DataWind has been awarded UK’s Most Innovative Mobile Company for 2012. It’s products have been awarded by CNBC TV 18 and Mercedes Benz, the Young Turks Innovation award, and been finalists at the Mobile World Congress for Innovation in Education and at the CTIA Wireless Show for the BiG Idea award.

Datawind has offices in Amritsar, London, Montreal, Mississauga and New Delhi.


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Computer And Internet Supervision Tips For Parents

Article by Aydan Corkern

Kids are being taught how to use computers at such an early age. Many schools start teaching about computers as early as kindergarten and by the time your children reach junior high, chances are they will know as much or more about computer operations as you. This can be intimidating for parents sometimes, but if you allow your kids to use any computer you have at home, it is imperative that you learn a few things about what your kids are doing with it and how to protect them from themselves and others. It is a huge, ugly world out there and kids can access so much of it using the Internet.

Younger children are not likely to be searching for things that they should not be. Usually, they will accidentally stumble upon adult websites that you do not want them to see. Although they must usually have credit cards and passwords to actually get into these sites, they can see advertisements that are pretty raunchy and explicit in themselves. However, teenagers might be a completely different matter.

Teenagers will often seek out websites that they know you would not want them to see or take part in. This is where a parent must really be cautious. The possibility for them to actually get into an adult website or adult chat room is a lot more common. The social websites are very popular with teenagers and even some younger ones these days. You might think these sites are harmless because they are only talking to others their own age, but that may not be the case. Teens are often posting pictures and even videos that contain nudity and your teen could be one of them and you might not even know it. This is an open invitation for predators. If you have been paying any attention at all, you should know by now that sites like these are frequented by sexual predators of all kinds trying to entice unsuspecting kids into real life meetings where their very lives can be put in danger.

No parent wants to smother their kids to the point that they feel they have no privacy at all or make them feel they are distrusted before they have even done anything to deserve it, but a computer with Internet access is no place to give your kids their wings of freedom. You must supervise their computer activities for their own protection whether they like it or not. You need to have specific rules in place concerning their computer and Internet use. Keep a computer in a family setting where you can see what is going on at all time.

You might not enjoy babysitting your kids while they use the Internet, but if you are smart and responsible you will. Sometimes it is good to limit the time they are allowed on the computer. You need to have your computer set to disallow certain sites from being displayed and if you do not know how to check out the places your kids have visited, you need to learn.

About the Author

Aydan Corkern is a writer and you can visit computer repair technicians and computer repair technicians Abbeville for more information.

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