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Three Ways How to Send an Anonymous Email

Three Ways How to Send an Anonymous Email

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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

First of all, what does anonymous actually mean? Where internet computing is concerned, there are two main uses of the term.

The technical meaning of ‘anonymous’ is that the user’s IP address is removed from communication. Since a user’s IP address is the main give away of their identity, removing that IP address gives them an important level of privacy.

The second meaning of anonymous is the conventional one: that the user’s real name does not appear in the communication.

Here are three ways to send an anonymous email that applies to both of these definitions:

1. Set up an or Gmail account without divulging your credentials. These two email providers do not place your IP address in your email headers. This means, if you do not use your real name to set up an account, receivers will not be able to see who or where you are based unless you tell them. However, as the recent NSA controversy has shown, if government or law enforcement agencies have an interest in you, they may simply demand that your email provider hand over your IP address.

2. Set up and use a standard webmail account through an anonymous VPN or Web Master Proxy. If you follow the above procedure (1) but do so entirely through a proxy, neither your IP address nor your identity will ever be tied to that account.

This will ensure that even if a government agency does request access to the email records, they will not be able to locate or identify you. However, you should choose a VPN or proxy provider that is based in a country where there is no law requiring the service provider to record your IP address. VPN providers in EU countries are required to log your IP address as required by the EU Data Retention Directive. There is no law requiring companies in the US to do so.

3. Use an anonymous email sender. There are many free services which allow you to send an email anonymously without setting up an account. They will not include your IP address in the email headers of the correspondence you send.

Make sure to choose a provider based in a different country to your own and be careful not to disclose your identity by other means. The only downside of this option is that most anonymous email providers will only provide the ability to send email anonymously, but no capability to receive messages.

For more details on anonymous emailing, read idcloak’s article: How to send an anonymous email.

idcloak Technologies Inc. is a Dallas-based provider of anonymity, security and anti-censorship proxy services. See for more.

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History of the Internet and Computers

Post by sturat

Perhaps, the invention of the Net is one particular of the largest inventions in the modern world. In today’s globe we can’t believe of life without it, may it be for individual or professional use, we all depend upon it so heavily. The world wide web has changed the face how organizations do company in the existing time and how people interact with every other. For convenience, speed, ease of use, and price purposes it is now used as most efficient communication medium or technologies right now about the planet. Needless to say, the evolution of the Net has paved path for unbelievable opportunities for men and women around the world.

Could it be social, economical, cultural and even political use, this life altering technologies has touched us all in some form or other. Though, we all are so heavily dependent on the Net, but specialists say whatever we are seeing it right now as a technology is just a tip of an iceberg. That’s simply because the Web as a technologies has tremendous possibilities that would alter our life in several ways.

So in brief we can say, the World wide web as a technologies has affected all of us and would also continue to influence in the coming so several years. Gone had been the days when the Internet was meant for company or hi-tech people, these days it has grow to be a frequent household technology with out which we can’t sustain for even a single day. Nearly day-to-day we hear 1 success story or invention or other, and still the story continues.

An additional significant invention ahead of the advent of the World wide web was the invention of the computers. Frankly speaking, when it comes to the history of computers, there is hardly any single individual that could be named as its inventor. However, the initial attempt that paved path to the contemporary pc was Konrad Zuse. Most researchers and professionals are of the opinion that it was Z1 machine by Konrad Zuse that gave birth to several innovations that ultimately gave birth to the modern day day personal computer. It is believed that this German scientist in 1936 produced the first programmable mechanical computing device, which later became the completely programmable device named the personal computer.

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