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Secrets Of How To Remove Virus From Your Computer The Easy Way

Article by Michael Silvester

Virus virus everywhere.

Viruses are the most common threat on the Internet. Computer shops are making thousands of dollars every week fixing people’s computers that are infected with viruses. The viruses that could have been prevented in the first place with a few easy steps.

The most important thing that you need on your computer is an anti-virus software program. There are many programs out there, that will do the job. And there are many out there that are completely useless. In particular free programs.

Unfortunately, even the best of antivirus programs can’t fix a virus until they know about it. If a brand new virus has been written, and you have it there’s nothing you can do about it until the anti-virus software company has an update that will fix that problem.It’s not a complete loss, just make sure you have an anti-virus software program that updates on a regular basis. The reason you need this is because new viruses are being written every day, and the software companies work hard to solve these problems for you every day also.

Always make sure that your anti-virus program is updated. Some anti-virus programs need to be updated manually, some do it automatically. No matter which one you have make sure it’s updated all the time. I Make sure mine is updated every day.There may not be new updates to download, but at least you know, you’re safe.

Okay, now that your anti-virus software is up to date, you need to run a full system scan. Anti-virus software programs are all different, so there is no similar way to do this. But there will be an option in your software to do a full system scan. Just make sure you select everything you possibly can to be scanned and the software will go ahead and do that for you.

The software will then search through every single file in your computer for a virus. If it finds one. It will give you the option to delete it or it may even just do it automatically. If your particular software program does not have that way to delete the virus. It will contain the virus until it has an update ready to deal with this virus.

Another hot tip is always keep your version of Microsoft, updated as well. People the right virus is a clever little buggers, and always finding new ways to gain access to your computer or ways to infect your computer with a virus. So make sure your operating system and any additional programs you have up to date. So that no one can exploit your system.

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I am a Self confessed Internet Junky and I’ve had my fair share of Computer Infections and Lived to tell the tale. Click the link below to findout what Antivirus software saves me every time.

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