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New Software Licensing Capabilities for EasyLicenser and Orion from Agilis Software

New Software Licensing Capabilities for EasyLicenser and Orion from Agilis Software

(PRWEB) November 10, 2004

The new EasyLicenser Extended API allows developers to generate licenses that take effect upon installation. Deferred time-limited licenses expire a defined time after installation of the key by the end user, not on a set date after key generation by the developer. Similarly, deferred locking allows developers to issue keys that automatically lock to the end users’ machine upon installation, and so remove the need for the developer to receive any system information from the end user.

The EasyLicenser eCommerce Server meets the needs of larger software developers who want to provide key-generation capability to several users, or who need to automate fulfilment. Order processing staff can now log into the HTTP-based eCommerce Server from any web browser to generate keys, or alternatively EasyLicenser key generation can be readily integrated into an automated web site and order processing system implemented in any language.

The Orion Proxy Server allows enterprises to provide automated activation even on isolated networks. Many companies protect their internal networks by keeping nearly all computers disconnected from the internet, with just a few machines connected both internally and externally.

Normally this would prevent the automatic internet-based activation of Orion-protected applications, and oblige each end user to download their key manually from the Orion self-service web page. The Orion Proxy Server runs on one of the machines with both internal and external network access, and channels activation requests and grants to the Orion Activation Server administered by the software developer. Now enterprises can provide automated activation, secure relocation of licenses, subscription renewal and more even for their users who have no direct internet access from their computers.

Orion’s new Fuzzy Fingerprinting feature removes the re-activation or re-licensing required when a user changes the hardware element in their system that a software vendor used to lock their software. Fuzzy Fingerprinting allows developers to lock their software to a minimum set from a number of system features. For example, they can lock to the MAC address, hard disk ID and host name, but pass the license check if two out of these three features match the recorded names. The end user can now upgrade their Ethernet card or hard disk without causing the license check to fail, but also without compromising security.

Fuzzy Fingerprinting employs whatever system features are available for a given platform, and uses native operating system calls, even for Java, so it is secure. Developers can also extend the fingerprinting: if they have their own fingerprinting code based on a customized system – say the serial number of add-in hardware – they can add this to the Fuzzy Fingerprinting mix.

The EasyLicenser Extended API is available now for Java applications, with C/C++, VB and C# support coming in Q1 2005. The EasyLicenser eCommerce Server, Orion Proxy Server and Orion Fuzzy Fingerprintng are available now.


Agilis Software LLC is a private California enterprise specializing in electronic license management solutions for the internet era.


Orion is a Network-Based Software Licensing Platform that functions equally well as a license activation server, floating license server, or license key distribution server, to protect applications written in any language on any platform. Orion is a highly-available, extensible and self-contained licensing platform that runs on any J2EE-compliant application server. Orion is based on accepted standards such as HTTP and J2EE so fits readily into modern networked environments. Visit htttp:// for further information.

About EasyLicenser

EasyLicenser allows ISVs to cut their costs and increase revenue by providing full protection for their software products for as little as $ 2 per end-user copy. And unlike current leading products, there are no hidden extras – multi-platform support is free. EasyLicenser’s non-intrusive operation will encourage the end users into compliance, thus further improving the bottom line.

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