How To Have Fun On The Computer Without Internet

Article by Roberto Sedycias

Many people love computer games and today there are so many Internet dependent games, like virtual world and role playing games that entice people and make them thrilled with the interactive nature of these games. However, there are games on your computer that you can play without the need of any Internet. They are all solitary games, of course, unless you want to play against your computer, but they are living testaments to the fact that a computer does not need to rely on Internet for you to have some fun.

You can play games like Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Minesweeper, and other card games that are each fun in their own way. At least, they are a way to spend time and have some fun if you are in a place where you have a computer but no Internet. Many times, if there is no Internet, people just put the computer down in desperation because a computer seems to lack any purpose if you cannot surf the web or download music or do something interactive.

But, there was a time, once, long ago, when Internet was not there and people still had some fun with computers. For example, if you removed the Internet from your device, you might see that there are other things you would be motivated to do. With things like Microsoft Word Processor, you might be able to unleash your poetic side and write poetry and fiction stories. You can use things like the document choice list to create birthday cards, flyers, hand outs, pamphlets, and well decorate invitations. These things require a creative mind and can be an enjoyable task if you let yourself fly with it and have fun.

Also, the devices like PowerPoint and other things allow you to make creative slideshows. Certainly all of this sounds more like work and a chore than any kind of entertainment but if you use these tools to do something fun, you might find that you actually can have an artistic experience on your computer that makes you highly productive in a way that browsing the Internet browsers could not have made you be.

You can even create movies on the computer without any kind of Internet. For example, with programs like Windows’ Movie Maker and Windows’ Photo Story, you can create amazing videos and movies by using things around your use. Using a webcam, scanner, or camera, you can take photos of various things, whether it be baby pictures leading up to your adulthood, and you can load them onto Photo Story and add audio tracks and visual effects and create a moving and touching slideshow of your life.

Or, with Windows Movie Maker, you can put photo stills together, add audio, and then the program will turn it into an animated movie. You can add your own captions and be the author of a great short film or something using photo stills of a subject that captures your interest. Make movies the old fashioned way and do it without any Internet, turning your computer into a personal film studio where great flicks are made.

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