1991 AST Premium II 386 SX/20

1991 AST Premiunm 386 SX/20 Intel 80386 SX/20 CPU 10MB of RAM 2X IDE Hard Disks (124MB and 420MB?) Bought at Value Village, 2008, for .99.

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  • Jason Keenan:

    My phone has more power…

  • James Oxford:

    That’s a STANDARD 3.5 floppy. NOT PROPITIATORY

  • OriginalMACMAN:

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  • mrsuperkoolkat1:

    ^butthurt fegs

  • phiporiphic:

    Why don’t you just replace the battery? Just replace the battery man.

  • OriginalMACMAN:

    Your an IDIOT! Must be a kid or teenager don’t even know anything about early computer days. Go read some books about the history about computers they didn’t start when you were born but rather way before I bet you don”t even know the history of the internet. Your statements show your age and mentality think before you speak its your generations downfall and why your not taken serious

  • truesightgrabber:

    This is wrong video for you boy, go and watch some review of the new super shooter max Payne of whatever, I feel the “monster” power :)

  • SweatyHatMan:

    Nice vid!
    I found an AST from my local dump, it said 286 on it but it looked like the motherboard was swapped out and it had a load of perhiperal cards (video, sound blaster, dial up, a couple unidentified serial-looking ports, 2 rca audio ports). I turned on, it reported that is was a “386 40 system”
    Does this mean its a 386 clocked at 40 Mhz?
    Sorry to bug you, I was an infant when these were the norm XD
    I dont have a DIN keyboard so i cant get past the test screen for more info :P

  • kinmanyuen:

    awesome, clean specimen

  • gerjaison:

    @OBSysteme – Yeah! I still have a pentium PC in DOS to control motors and test jig for testing etc in my workshop. In fact, some big manufacturer also have 20 years old computer doing the same thing over and over again everyday of the week.

    Even after all these long enduring years, the power supply, Motherboard CPU and RAM still works really well without hardware failure or replacement. I suppose the capacitor wasn’t made in Taiwan or China. :P

  • jr540123:

    i’ve seen about 200$ for something like that .

  • Thomas Gx:

    i plunked down 7,000 dollars and 500 tax and duty, for one. “used” in seattle, got the best deal, i thought at the time, silly me, nice video, down memory lane in a few ways, thanks

  • kargaroc386:

    Are you sure that computer supports ATAPI drives (such as IDE CD roms)?

  • scavenger4life:

    Old pc’s are so retro looking now.

  • gerjaison:

    @OBSysteme – yeah – the boring parts about modern computer is that you can’t troubleshoot the board by asking (sometimes begging) for the schematics from the manufacturer and fix it by turning on the soldering Iron. Those days were long long gone!!

  • 2wayfreq:

    Nice AST! Hopefully it went to a good home :) . I am into the Compaq Portables at the moment. I have a set of 2 Compaq 386-20 portables on the way from e-bay $35.00 for both. I found a Portable 286 (Luggable) on Crag’s. Floppy, tape drive and a 10MB HDD. Needs some memory chips replaced though.

  • SeltsamerAttraktor:

    My 386 has 32Mb Ram, the 486 even 64Mb :P

  • leerees:

    WTF how did you manage to have 10MB!!!!, that was collosal back then. My 386sx 33mhz had 2MB and the day I upgraded to 4MB I felt like 100 Terrabytes!

  • hooker1uk:

    the turbo on my old one was network.

  • DBob01:

    Interesting…386sx with cache? o_O
    I’ve got a 386sx20 too, but without any cache. Do me a favor pls, and post your landmark2.0 results.

  • Jonhny2:

    You may be able to overclock if you changed some crystal on the motherboard. But it takes some skill,and you risk ruining the system if you do it wrong.

  • Jonhny2:

    Yeah, ridiculously high prices for 386 computer motherboards…

  • gerjaison:


  • creepingnet:

    You should see what this stuff goes for on E-bay. You’ll choke.

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  • Ryan:

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