Aware Bear Computers is Extending its $29 Desktop and Laptop Computer Diagnosis Till The End of 2012

Aware Bear Computers is Extending its $ 29 Desktop and Laptop Computer Diagnosis Till The End of 2012

Aware Bear Computer Repair in Pittsford NY

Pittsford, NY (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

“Having the proper computer diagnostics done by Aware Bear Computers on 5 Monroe Avenue in Pittsford, New York, gives our customers the peace of mind when it comes to any computer repair and services. The diagnostics process takes all the guess work out of the computer repair procedure and makes sure the laptop or desktop computers are functioning properly” said Andre Alves from Aware Bear Computer Repair.

Aware Bear Computers can perform diagnosis on all major computer brands including Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, Acer, Lenovo, IBM, Toshiba, Sony Vaio, Apple, Mac and all other major laptop and desktop computer brands.

State of the art tools are utilized for Aware Bear Computers’ PC or Mac diagnostics, eliminating human error and being able to pin point whatever problem a computer may have. “It does not matter if the product is a notebook laptop, desktop PC, desktop Mac, or all in one units such as iMacs or any other brands such as the Dell One, or Sony’s all in one computers.” Mentions Andre Alves from Aware Bear Computer Repair located on 5 Monroe Avenue in Pittsford NY. Apple diagnostics are $ 69.

Aware Bear’s computer or laptop diagnostics troubleshooting process is a must to identify the main cause of a simple or serious computer issue. Some issues that a computer may have include: no sound, computer crashing, not reading USB media, unable to read CDs and DVDs, computer running slow or sluggish, computers only logging in on safe mode, computer not booting, computers having no internet access, laptops or towers over heating, loud noise, no image on screen, blue screen, lines across the monitor, and many others.

Many of these issues could be attributed to simple problems or more severe such as: A virus, corrupted Windows or Mac OS, bad hard drive, bad mother board, bad video card, bad memory RAM, bad power supply or dying power supply, dying LCDs LEDs, electrical problems, input devices that may be shorting out the computer, a problem with your electrical system at home and many more.

Since computer problems vary, diagnostics over the phone may not be the best solution and may be misleading. “If a person could call a doctor over the phone and immediately the doctor would know exactly what was wrong every time it would be great, however this is not the case and neither is the case with your computer” mentions Andre Alves of Aware Bear. For that reason, Aware Bear Computers decided to extend their $ 29 full diagnostics for both laptops and desktop PCs. Apple computers are excluded from this offer.


The reason behind this reduction of price is simple. Aware Bear technicians decided that they want everyone to be fully aware of any issue or underlying issue that may be happening with their computer before any work or all work is performed. This way there is no guessing, no wrong diagnostics, and the customer has a piece of mind knowing what work needs to be done, what Aware Bear Computers’ recommendation for services and repairs may be as well as being able to save money.

“Some store may charge up to $ 100 for a diagnostics, and yes it can be a lot of work and yes it does take many hours, however with a state of the art facility and proper tools, Aware Bear is able to perform diagnostics more efficiently and precise than our competition.” Says Andre Alves of Aware Bear Computers.

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