High Speed Internet – Cable Vs. DSL

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High speed internet is a necessity for today’s dazzling online content. But when it comes to high speed internet options, should you choose Cable or DSL? And what is the difference between the two? The following information will help you decide which option is right for you. Cable television service is required for a high-speed cable connection. On the other hand, DSL requires a standard telephone line. Using either service for the internet will not interfere with its primary function. For example, you can use your phone while enjoying DSL and you can watch your favorite shows while enjoying cable high speed internet. Phone line is required for DSL so if you’re not using a home phone you still need to pay for a phone line to get the service.

A big factor in which service you choose will depend upon what type of internet connection is available in your area. When it comes to DSL, it is likely that AT&T and Verizon will be able to provide the service. Popular cable providers include Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Always do a thorough search for smaller providers too, they may offer a competitive price. Once you select providers that appeal to you, you can enter your mailing address into their Web site and the company should be able to show if they provide service in that area.

Once you find out what’s available in your area, you’ll want to compare prices. DSL providers may offer the most competitive prices (sometimes as low a introductory rate), though their introductory plans may not provide the fastest service. Cable plans are more likely to be sold as packages that include a digital phone service as well as cable television, increasing the price. You’ll want to factor in if the plans require a year-long contract, too, and review the procedure for ending contracts, in case you decide the service is not up to par in the future.

Before you commit to either service, try to find as many area-specific reviews as you can. Use an internet search. A lot of sites are only showing you services they can sell you, try to find an independent resource with everything available in your area. Internet.InMyArea.com will show you every single provider available when you type in your zip code or the city or town you live in. Finding reviews for internet services before you sign up will be helpful too. Pay attention if people are complaining about connection speeds and customer service.

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