How to back up mac osx without time machine

how to back up mac osx without time machine i it is important to have more then one back up source you should make sure that you have data in around three places in order to able to saay you have it saved on your computer. if you have any other questions about computers windows MAC Linux drop me an pm here at youtube or head over to my website you can also follow me on twitter http dont for get to comment rate and subscribe to this video. if you have any questions at all just let me now

This is a tutorial on how to install BlueJ on Ubuntu Linux assuming you have already downloading the BlueJ Package but not the JDK or do not know how to find the jdk once installed. I hope it is helpful since I couldn’t find any good ones already on here…. If you have any questions about computers feel free to let me know. I am happy to try to help. I will make tutorials if you guys/girls/Hackers have questions

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  • FelxoMediaSolution:

    @TheExistenceBand i not sure just try to add it your external hardrive and see also test you can open the dmg file as well to be sure the back up as worked

  • TheExistenceBand:

    it’s a compressed file right? so if i have like 300gb used on my hd, how much room do i need on my external hard drive to save it to? great video btw

  • gjgjkdli:

    I acctually dont hav any hard disk ! so IS THAT SAFE TO SAVE IN THE MAC ITSSELF? AND I WAN 2 INSTALT XP BY DOING PARTITION !
    BUT MY MAC ASKS ME ”’Back up the disk and use Disk Utility to format it as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume. Restore your information to the disk and try using Boot Camp Assistant again.”’


  • kayess0126:

    When I select the Mac HD, the new image icon is greyed out, any ideas?

  • FelxoMediaSolution:

    yes it back ups everythink

  • Wromero88:

    So this will back up everything on the machine including everything in itunes?

  • jezmadrid:

    i get the same error as levon. i go to creat the new disk image and after a second it says “cannot create XXXX.dmg, resource is busy”.

    any ideas?

  • levon:

    Unable to create “Macintosh HD.dmg” (Cannot allocate memory) ??!?!? Can’t even save the backup. 2 seconds in it gives me that error…

  • walsy0289:

    still no luck, found utilities menu on the startup disk but could not find anything to recover.. only time machine which doesn’t recognise  the file. disk utility has restore??

  • FelxoMediaSolution:

    you put in your osx disk and go to utilities section off the install disk and your see recover mac if you get problems let me now and i will help you cheers


  • walsy0289:

    How do you open the backup?? i backed it up, reset my mac, now i have nothing :(

  • dancingmachine01:

    i have a question, so, if i wanna do another backup later on do i have to erase everything on my external hardrive then copy everything? cause i dont want duplicates on my external.

  • jlmar4ever:

    hey i bought an external harddisk coz my mcbook was full and i couldnt use it nymore coz i never updated it , now the prob is i tried copy paste all the items to the external hardisk but the the problem is i cant erase it anymore frm my macbook wht to do ?

  • davidjb1988:

    Hello. I’m new to all this… i’ve always looked for a way to back my mac up. I have OS X Lion and i followed this process.I clicked ‘Mac HD’ but i can’y create a new image? It’s not highlighted or something?

  • iSeenthatB4:

    Awesome thank you so much. Im gonna install Snow Leopard

  • FelxoMediaSolution:

    yes and you can moved the data to a new mac at any time

  • iSeenthatB4:

    Ok So doing that backup saves everything? from pictures to programs?

  • MaryRock07:

    me too…

  • matthewjhudson:

    i though if you do a time machine back up then it will remember all the old operating system niggles and therefore make a clean install redundant. is this correct?

  • FelxoMediaSolution:

    if you dont want to use time machine yes ?

  • matthewjhudson:

    Good video, is this the correct method to use when wanting to do a clean install?

  • 17karankokar:

    same same. It says mac HD is busy.. WTF DO WE DO?

  • MeicoRaider:

    Oh, I thought the time machine part was a joke. I’m such an idiot.

  • DriveThruo:


  • MrDroplick:

    Excellent Tutorial for Linux users. Well Donel!!!! :-)
    It can also be done the way igrewold suggested.

    “You don’t need all that just download the *.deb package then double click on it then click install.

    After that you will find a shortcut for BlueJ under Developement/Programming submenu in the main menu.


  • igrewold:

    You don’t need all that just download the *.deb package then double click on it then click install.

    After that you will find a shortcut for BlueJ under Developement/Programming submenu in the main menu.

  • jhirzel88:

    Um, I had to look BlueJ up, and as far as I know, it’s a type of Java program. I had to learn Java in Programming 2, 3, and in Data Structures. I really suck at Java in comparison to C++ but I can code, it’s just that I prefer C++ better. Still, it’s a good tutorial to have up because I saw no other YouTube videos on this.

  • AbeSmoothie:

    Oh sorry almost forgot to mention how to get the widgets :) just look up screenlets and you should be able to find it without to much trouble. I would try looking under the installer, a quick search I would think would come up with some results :) good luck on your quest!

  • AbeSmoothie:

    I’m so sorry :( I try to be as accurate as possible when doing these sorts of things, but considering I just threw it together I made a slight error. I shall correct it promptly thank you much! :)

  • jatin1995:

    there is a need of correction, u have written sudo apt-get install sun-java6-sdk, but it shud be sudo-get install sun-java6-jdk, minor problem but it screwed me for an hour and finally i got this one from another website! still nice tutorial, can u tell me how u got those desktop gagdet sorta thing? :D

  • AbeSmoothie:

    happy to help any way I can. I will try to do it asap, but vista really is being a pain right now I must say. lol

  • olre1:

    thank you!! =]

  • AbeSmoothie:

    I currently don’t have my vista operating system working, which sucks! But I will attempt to get it going as soon as possible then do a tutorial. I can give you step by step instructions that may or may not work until then. I have to go to class but let me know if that works.

  • olre1:

    what about on windows…can u do 1 pls…vistya prefferably..tnx!

  • JannisAdmek:

    ok thanks
    i only use ubuntu and its fantactic

  • AbeSmoothie:

    Glad you liked it and I could help. If you have any other questions about anything computer related whether it be graphics or more complex, let me know. I use many operating systems and learn more every day. Hope all is going well for you.

  • JannisAdmek:

    good Tutorial and nice desktop

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