Just Released Video Shows Why a Computer is the Worst Place to Learn a New Language

Just Released Video Shows Why a Computer is the Worst Place to Learn a New Language

Champaign, IL (PRWEB) June 24, 2014

The summer season has begun, and many people are buying computer programs to learn languages.

Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware, warns Mark Frobose, founder of LanguageAudiobooks.com and bestselling author of Power Portuguese.

According to Mark, computers are among the absolute worst places to learn a language.

“Computers shackle language learners to one location and prevent people from using life’s many travel and waiting periods to learn languages,” explains Mark, whose Power Italian Accelerated is rapidly becoming America’s favorite audio Italian program.

According to Frobose, there are many key areas where audio language programs work far better than computer language programs. Some examples include:

1. While mowing the lawn.

2. While walking the dog.

3. While driving down the highway.

4, While fishing.

5. While waiting at a stop sign.

6. While practicing the guitar.

7. While playing frisbee.

8. While riding a bike.

“All of these and many more activities present massive language learning opportunities that are simply not possible to do in front of a computer,” reasons Mark, who is the bestselling author of http:// Power Spanish Accelerated.

Learn Languages Everywhere™ is the motto of LanguageAudiobooks.com. The Language Audiobooks(R) method is an extremely effective and versatile audio language learning system that can be used anywhere for any duration of time to teach people to speak any language while in the car, at home or on a smartphone! Designed specifically for use while on the go, this challenging, versatile and fast-paced method introduces, reviews and challenges language learners to interact successfully in spoken languages from any location so they can learn to speak any language of their dreams during otherwise wasted down time.

Language Audiobooks Inc. also specializes in downloadable digital language programs and CD programs like the bestselling Power French Accelerated which are extremely fast and easy to learn and that are immediately accessible to any smart phone or computer. The Language Audiobooks’ motto is “Learn Languages Everywhere™”.

Language Audiobooks’ popular Power Spanish, Power French, and Power Italian, Bite-Sized Mandarin, Conversational Latin-American Spanish, Clean French Slang and other innovative language programs are available for immediate download at LanguageAudiobooks.com, Audible.com or in CD format at Amazon.com.


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