Media 54 LLC Is Changing the Way You Do Business One Cloud at a Time

Media 54 LLC Is Changing the Way You Do Business One Cloud at a Time

Media 54 LLC

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) October 29, 2014

Media 54 LLC Forms Strategic Alliances with KBA Alliances and the Microsoft Partner Network To Offer Cloud Services. Media 54 LLC is highly motivated by the idea of building strong relationships and superior communication solutions with its partner associates and customers. “Media 54 LLC now provisions and supports, The Cloud, for small businesses.”

Over time Media 54 LLC has invested in all of the high quality hardware, software, storage drives, battery backup, firewall, virus protection, wireless routers, cables, modems, and the myriad of other items necessary to keep the network applications running at top performance. Media 54 LLC like many other small companies have experienced hardware and software becoming obsolete in a few short years and being forced to pay for patches, licenses and upgrades. Can other businesses relate to spending hours downloading software and then in a short time having to reinstall software or running out of room or having to add external storage devices and then running out of storage again?

Sometimes email, connectivity and the company intranet would go down without warning for hours at a time and usually this happened at less than opportune times like when launching a new customers website and email delivery system. Many larger companies have had no choice but to hire expensive IT firms. Some companies have put together new networking plans and recycled some of their older software, hardware and servers or purchased expensive state of the art servers. Many medium to larger size companies have had to upgrade server firewalls, keyboards, videos or visual display units and mouse. IT departments never sleep and often work weekends and evenings getting networks up and running. Most businesses can relate to these experiences. Even smaller companies experience these same types of network problems, endless upgrades and sky high costs. Media 54 LLC first customer, who we will call, the ABC Company,” a medium size company with ten employees decided to go for a state of the art network plan. ABC Company spent a little over $ 50,000 in a four month period. The estimated cost was about $ 55,000 which included email and SharePoint 2011. ABC company should have been happy, right? Well, not exactly and here is why. First, the uninterruptible power source units or UPS units blew and their servers started this annoying beeping that was heard throughout the entire office. Employees left to work at Starbucks to get away from the noise and to get Internet connectivity. The ABC Company office building really did not have the right power management to run all the servers and state-of-the-art technology without hiring an electrician to set up a special connection. So, the IT staff ran down to Office Depot and bought a couple more power units to get the network back up and running.

The next day, their neighborhood had a brown out. The company email and entire network was down for five hours. Needless to say, the company was frustrated with the loss of productivity, in addition to all of the time and money spent. The IT staff followed the network plan. Professionals were hired and serious serious dollars were spent. However there was no guarantee of email connectivity and dependable intranet in which to share and exchange documents.

The cost savings of creating a virtual office with an email delivery system, company intranet and ways to share documents through a Hosted Web Server account should start to make a whole lot of sense. The ABC Company spent $ 50,000 trying to do everything on their own in-house. As a result of these types of experiences, the ABC company finally made the switch to, “Get in the Cloud.”

Businesses now have complete freedom to conduct daily business, without having to worry about security, software applications and hardware problems. Email is critical to your business, and that does not mean that you have to manage it all by yourself. Microsoft Office 365 provides built-in business continuity, disaster recovery, continuous data backups and industry certified data centers.

Media 54 LLC together with KBA Alliances and the Microsoft Partner Network can handle upgrades, so you are running recent, not prehistoric software. Content Management Systems to allow for the sharing of documents based on a person’s ability to contribute to improved reporting, billing and information sharing critical to your organization is also available.

Many software and hosting companies alike have spent unbelievable amounts of money building security. No company has spent as much as Microsoft on security. It would be hard for the majority of businesses in the world to match it.


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