Paradigm Malibu Now Provides Gaming and Internet Addiction Treatment for Teens

Paradigm Malibu Now Provides Gaming and Internet Addiction Treatment for Teens

Malibu, CA (PRWEB) January 14, 2014

Paradigm Malibu extends their treatment options to include computer and gaming addictions, understanding the world is changing and teen problems are changing along with it. The treatment assists those facing an addiction to the Internet, computers or gaming systems, as these devices are now easily accessed by children of this age group. “Parents concerned about their child and the time he or she spends on the computer, Internet or gaming system now have somewhere to turn for help,” Cole Rucker of Paradigm Malibu declares.

Many programs focus on modifying the behavior of the teen, rather than addressing the underlying causes, which is why parents are choosing to turn more frequently to Paradigm Malibu for teen Internet addiction treatment or teen gaming addiction treatment. “At Paradigm Malibu, we treat the underlying issues to ensure the behavioral changes are long term and that any co-occurring disorders are also treated,” Rucker goes on to say.

Therapists at Paradigm Malibu work with teens to help them identify the feelings and/or stressors which precede the behavior. They also help the teens discover what feelings or relief the behavior produces along with what habits and/or experiences are connected with this behavior. “When teens understand how to evaluate and recognize the nature of the behaviors, they are better able to see the connections in their own lives, which is the first step in helping them overcome the addiction,” Rucker explains.

Teens, with the help of classical and experimental treatment approaches, learn to cope with stress and replace negative behaviors with positive ones. They re-establish a healthy belief system and a positive sense of self while recovering from their addiction. “Parents and teens love the programs offered through Paradigm Malibu as they actually treat the issue rather than just dealing with the symptoms, symptoms which may arise in another form when the underlying issue isn’t addressed,” Rucker continues.

No matter what an adolescent is suffering from, Paradigm Malibu can be of assistance. “Check out the substance abuse, mental health and treatment programs offered at the Malibu facility as well as the addiction treatment programs. Paradigm Malibu also offers a teen grief and loss treatment program, a gifted teen program and one designed specifically for athletes as no adolescent is immune to developing problems, thanks to the many challenges they face on a daily basis. Paradigm Malibu works to help the teens face these challenges head on in a healthy way,” Rucker proclaims.

About Paradigm Malibu:

Paradigm Malibu identifies, understands and properly treats core issues impacting adolescents and their families. Rather than containing behaviors, staff members assist clients by treating the deeper, more difficult issues which impact their lives. Paradigm Malibu treats a variety of conditions, including teen addiction, eating disorders, and drug abuse. Learn more about the Paradigm Malibu offers at


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