Watching TV on Computer with Internet

Article by Ronald Gilbert

Many people are watching TV on computer using satellite direct TV software programs that are easily downloaded and installed in minutes. The program is simple to use and is designed to be user friendly so that even the most technologically challenged person can watch television on his PC. The wonders of technology keep developing, it would seem everyday, making it easy to enjoy one’s favorite TV program on one’s PC. I will also be discussing a top quality satellite TV to PC software that I am using to watch more than 3,500 HD Channels worldwide for free.

There was a time when the idea of watching TV on one’s PC might have seemed like a crazy idea. But today this is a reality which is available to anyone with a PC and internet connection. The program, once installed, will offer many more television stations than the average cable or satellite subscription service.

The difference in price between a software download and a monthly subscription satellite service is not much different. The difference is that the software download is a one time fee whereas the satellite subscription service is an ongoing monthly charge. If a satellite service adds stations the stations are an added charge to the monthly subscription but all new stations are included in the one time software download.

The software program takes program feeds from free TV broadcasts so all programs that are transmitted by the software are totally free to watch. Most current satellite feeds provide up to five hundred stations while the PC software provide over fifteen hundred channels. This is one of the main reasons many people are switching from satellite service to satellite PC software.

The program works best with a high speed internet connection but it can be used with a dial up connection. The program does require however a flash player along with a media player so that the television stations can be properly transmitted. Many people already have a media player installed on their PC which makes it easy for them to start watching TV on computer as soon as the program is downloaded.

The system comes with an interface program that allows easy searching of specific TV channels and TV shows with a few clicks of the mouse. When a favorite channel is found save it to the favorites section so that it can be pulled up easily in the future. The program is simple to use and even those with little PC ability will have little problem navigating the system.

It should come as no surprise that many men and women are watching TV on computer utilizing satellite direct TV software programs because PC technology is advancing at a record rate. The satellite program is available for installation from on line retailers and can be downloaded in a short time period. The program comes with a simple to understand instruction manual that answers questions in easy to understand language. I personally use a satellite TV on PC software that allows me to watch more than 3,000 international television channels online and highly recommend it.

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