WikiLeaks keeps on publishing despite arrest

www.nma.television Julian Assange by means of his WikiLeaks internet site promises higher government transparency. But his document dumps have angered officials about the globe. US Senator Joseph Lieberman has pressured web organizations to withdraw their services from WikiLeaks. Rather than protect world wide web freedom, Amazon and PayPal have willingly complied with US demands. Assange is the subject of death threats. Some government officials say he must be assassinated. Sarah Palin mentioned he should be hunted down like a terrorist. Efforts to take down WikiLeaks have verified futile, thanks to mirror web sites. Meanwhile, Assange has been arrested in the UK on rape charges. He has vowed to release a lot more documents in a ‘nuclear’ option if arrested or killed.
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51 Responses to “WikiLeaks keeps on publishing despite arrest”

  • thecameraguy12345678:

    @WikiLeaksFraud Continue in the lie…

  • Southparkateer2:

    I never seen one piece of information posted by
    Wikileaks, cause harm to a innocent citizen, ever…
    I seen however, a couple of powerfull, rich, Assholes
    Getting questioned, for Fucking up innocent citizens…
    So it’s hard for me to understand how this movement
    can have Bad repplies, from other users like myself…

  • bammbamm12:

    Amazing. When birth control devices were illegal, the libs were shouting “Keep the government out of our bedrooms!” Now a man has been extradited for *not* using one? Is anyone shouting that now? Looks like sexual liberation just turned out to be a government sponsored honey trap. Have fun kiddies.

  • Igamikun:

    Joseph Lieberman is apparently an android! Check it out at watch?v=TnWHIHveRxU&feature=player_embedded#at=400
    This isn’t spam but an interesting video. Don’t trust any of em, but this is an interesting take on how congress might really work.

  • diptdipt:

    In all this game, the devil is the victim, is the scapegoat, will be acused of everything cause the GOD don’t want any rivals. Conclusion: live at the full in the freedom of GOD (praying in a right form,following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible – keeping the 10 commandments – including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc.) instead of in the incapacity and limited power of devil cause he is just a temporary puppet.

  • XxKeNoHxX:

    When I saw Sarah Palin pick that up, I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Alba12349:

    He isn’t even accused of real rape. It’s more like sexual misconduct or molestation. But swedish law is pretty strange when it comes to sex crimes so they called it rape.
    I dont think he is guilty of anything especially when you consider the fact that he was invited to a party by his accuser the day after the so called rape took place

  • spashieee:

    shalah pahleen

  • TheFamousGeorge:

    Julian Assange is a time travelling Rock Star!!! See my channel if you dont believe me!!!!

  • WikiLeaksFraud:

    @FreedomValentine WikiLeaks is a FRAUD!!! View my youtube channel “WikileaksFraud” comments and videos on how I base this decision. Consider my points and let me know what you think.

    Question everything spoon fed to you!!!

  • FreedomValentine:

    it’s stuff like ‘the nuclear option’ that makes him so damn cool.

  • soutthalberta:

    Why does it show Canada to be opposing Julian Assange? That’s not true. I’m Canadian and I’m cheering in his corner. Canadian Citizens are being repressed as much as the US citizens. It’s the power hungry bastards at Bohemian Grove that are guilty of the global atrocities.

  • Leekduck:

    Canada seems to have mistaken Julian Assange for Glenn Beck

  • FOXnewsAlien:


  • umesasanjiwani:

    Need to marry you Be Naughty girls

  • pipsicle81:

    Has anyone else noticed around YouTube that lots of legitimate comments supporting Julian Assange or Wikileaks have been flagged as spam? wtf?

  • qwertyness4:

    this is such an awesome way of telling the news

  • reprovo:

    Wikileaks …. where The big dogs take a leak on the masses and the masses soak It up like It’s milk.
    If only real Information leaked through , even a minute fraction.

  • TRuthbrand:

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  • hck112:

    Wow fuck Harper if he does so to Assange!

  • mark1138:

    @OnlyJustUnknown yes, but the powers that be are pawns of our southern neighbours

  • ChrisMastro:

    Julian Assange Hung

  • eliasmouawad:

    Search For the new series
    Part 4 uploaded

  • Pasqualelino:

    Hey, typische Chinaproduktion. FEHLWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AnneONemuss:

    Julian Assange Coloring Book – julianassangecoloringbook . com

  • Xayrone:

    Wait, it already passed? I saw the status of govtrack and it was still being referred by the committee.

  • Judeau0311:

    America be damned if this passes the Senate

  • ShiroKreuz:

    I just read about it and it seems it US, Denmark and Estonia…Im glad its not here yet. And fuck that bill !

  • BrainEatingZomb1e:

    @ShiroKreuz yep its Us exclusive haha

  • ShiroKreuz:

    Is it US exclusive ? it seems so to me ?

  • USoSilly2Me:

    @BrainEatingZomb1e I don’t necessarily trust the government in all things. I know I don’t trust someone who fails to tell what the issue is about. Why did you him-hall around and not put forth what the real bill ways about? You only directed people to sign a petition AGAINST this bill, and there isn’t ANY information on what this bill is about on the link you provided, which leads me to believe…….. YOU have something to hide. You think Protecting Children from Pedophiles is Bad?

  • koppadasao:

    @BrainEatingZomb1e It’s the same all over the world. Democracy is dead!

  • BrainEatingZomb1e:

    @CannibalZombieKiller you are correct on that… i made a view about the illusion of freedom on my nx2overide channel last year.

  • CannibalZombieKiller:

    Freedom is a illusion, Now More Than Ever

  • BrainEatingZomb1e:

    @Judeau0311 well if you live in the us the bill just passed today.. and welcome to the new and improved goverment internet..

  • Judeau0311:

    i don’t know about anyone else out there, but being under such surveillance would just make me way too paranoid.
    I Disapprove.

  • BrainEatingZomb1e:

    @drumr828 Thanks for watching and ps the bill passed.

  • BrainEatingZomb1e:

    @Noyjeetut the bill passed so well you get the idea!

  • BrainEatingZomb1e:

    @koppadasao yep yep and now as of this morning the bill is in effect so no more right to privacy.

  • BrainEatingZomb1e:

    @MapexRG yep yep the bill passed i made a new vid about it.

  • BrainEatingZomb1e:

    @Katfellow well they will be able to the bill passed.

  • BrainEatingZomb1e:

    @mettanc apparently not the bill passed..

  • BrainEatingZomb1e:

    @ShiroKreuz well the stupid idea passed today.. so now everything you do will be logged and retained for 12 months.

  • BrainEatingZomb1e:

    @USoSilly2Me yep thats what they claim to be doing.. you u really trust the government that much?

  • BrainEatingZomb1e:

    @GMPNY it passed this morning!

  • GMPNY:

    Whats next??? Sheesh!!

  • USoSilly2Me:

    H.R. 1981: Is the Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011.

  • ShiroKreuz:

    Complete bullshit, i cant believe how stupid this idea is. People need to oppose these kind of things !

  • ejr23:

    I’m tempted to send a video to these bastards in Congress of someone urinating on the American flag. By allowing this to happen, they’re basically pissing on freedom!

  • koppadasao:

    Land of the… chained?

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