How to Set Up an Internet Network : How to Set Up a Wireless Internet Router

Wireless routers at home! Learn how to setup a wireless internet router at home with your cable or DSL modem in this free online instructional video, with tips on how to troubleshoot home computer networks. Expert: Mike Biggly Bio: Mike Biggly is finishing up his degree from NCSU. Although seeking his degree late in life, he has many years of experience working on computers. Filmmaker: josiah owen

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  • ITSystemsAdmin:


  • Skyaerofity:

    do you have to buy that yellow cable too? or it comes in when you buy a wireless router?

  • technowistic:

    same here

  • Arachitectura:

    so what you still everything wired !!!!

  • NinjightNationCorp:

    Finally, this is what I was looking for.

  • shahqwer1234:

    i had bought one router but couldnt install it….while installing everything goes well until the laast step of CONFIGURING SETTINGS….which it fails to do…..??????plz help

  • SimpleWiFi:

    This makes a lot of sense. How long did it take to figure this out?

  • CoxAustin23:

    Yeah, good luck with that one, buddy.

  • kylecaliboso:

    I have an ethernet connection going straight into my computer. do I need a modem and a router to go wireless?

  • kaysh1:

    I bought a belkin router.. and the only way it will work is if i plug a network cable into my computer and into the other wireless router the cable company gave me… so i got 2 wireless routers and a cable modem and im only getting 100mps when it should be 300 with the usb thing i got…

  • glictchnlife:

    im trying to convert my usb flash drive to pick up wifi signals

  • TeamDevlion SubscribeNow:

    how do i setup wireless network with a
    Thomson tg789un router ?

  • ryley92:

    it depends on whether your computer has wifi card built in. if not, then yes you will need a wireless card to use the router

  • Vivenk88:

    how do I set the password for the wireless access??

  • thep149:

    hey dude i have a question that i have a LAN modem and i will buy WIFI router on my birthday so do i need WIFI card for the WIFI router to work ? plz tell me! sorry for bad english

  • MrKoolaidjam:


  • dmta:

    ok so i have a arrias touch tone modem i have had wireless be for and it worked great now it would not conncet wo i had my cabel companie come out to look at it and they said it was my wire less device i got a new one and its doing the same thing when i put my ethernet cabel out of my modem and put it in my wire less box and the other one i connect in to the modem i have no internet at all. any sugestions ?

  • ArchDukellll:

    bad pronounation..

  • sheek1982:

    he can’t get his atenna up!

  • scott93257:

    First thing to do is re-install the drivers for the LAN adapter. 9 times out of 10 a software related issue will be what’s keeping your hardware from working correctly… Also, your Wireless adapter is completely separate from your LAN adapter…

  • kikeikaori:

    I have a problem…
    how do I install and set up the router (D-link dir-600) if my laptop’s cable port is broken/not working? (which is why I bought the wifi router…)

  • edonfb:

    I set up my WiFi router and it’s working fanstatick =))

  • chernishev@misdirectors.isomers” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    tnx for info….

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